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Wednesday 18th of April 2012

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Q: When did Barcelona beat Chelsea?
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Is Chelsea manager rubbish?

No he is great he beat barcelona with them

What does Chelsea refer to in the context of Barcelona sports?

Chelsea in reference to Barcelona sports is a F.C. team from Chelsea in central London. Chelsea is a very prominent team and is considered one of the best and hardest to beat.

Who is better Barcelona or chelsea?


What team was first Chelsea or Barcelona?


Who has more trophies Chelsea fc or fc Barcelona?

Barcelona have more trophies then Chelsea by miles.

Why is Barcelona not better than Chelsea?

Barcelona are better but Cech and the Chelsea deffence make the big diffrence.

Will Chelsea beat real Madrid this champion league?

Yes think it will be a tough match but Chelsea could win1-0 as they have beaten Spain giant,Barcelona!!!And Chelsea FC is my favorite team!don't let me down Chelsea😍

What teams did Barcelona beat in champions league finals?

Barcelona have played in 7 Champions league/European Cup finals. THey reached the finals in 1961,1986,1992,1994,2006,2009 and 2011.

Who are Barcelona owned by?


Which team is better Barcelona or Chelsea?

Barcelona would be the answer in many peoples opinion. But Chelsea are a very strong side.

Which Football players have played for 3 clubs including Manchester united Chelsea Liverpool or Barcelona?

Mark Hughes played for Man United, Chelsea and Barcelona. Bolo Zenden played for Chelsea, Barcelona and Liverpool

Who signed deco for Chelsea?

It was Scolari the former Chelsea coach from Barcelona.