When did Arsenal play Celtic?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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In the emirates cup on the 1st of august. It finished 3-2 to arsenal.

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yes in the emirates cup in the pre season between 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 seasons. Arsenal won 3-2

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The last time that Arsenal and Celtic played was at the 2010 Emirates Cup.

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Q: When did Arsenal play Celtic?
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Who has more trophies Arsenal fc and Celtic fc?

Celtic Celtic have 109 trophies to Arsenals 45

Who was the Arsenal goalscorer the last time Arsenal met Celtic in the 2003 pre-season friendly?

your a cheater trying to win a trip to Celtic park

What ex arsenal player managed Celtic?

Liam Brady

What was the last result between arsenal and Celtic?

The last match between Arsenal and Celtic came in the 2010 Emirates Cup, ending in a 3-2 Arsenal victory. The last competitive match between the two sides came in the second-leg of the 2009 Champions League Qualifying round, which Arsenal won 3-1 at the Emirates Stadium. The aggregate scoreline over both legs was 5-1 to Arsenal, with them winning the first-leg 2-0 at Celtic Park.

Will Lukas Podolski ever play for Arsenal?

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Which Celtic players have played for arsenal?

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Which football team is best arsenal or Celtic?

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Under What name did arsenal first play?

Woolwhich Arsenal

Where are Celtic and rangers play football?

in Celtic park and ibrox

What teams did professional footballer Dion Dublin play for?

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Did Steve sidwell play for arsenal in the premiership?

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What European competitions do Glasgow Celtic play in?

Both Celtic and Glasgow Rangers play in the Scottish league.