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In 1988, they moved to phoenix. In March 1994, they changed there name from Phoenix cardinals to Arizona Cardinals.

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Q: When did Arizona become the cardinals?
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When did the Cardinals become the Arizona Cardinals?


What year did the Phoenix Cardinals become the Arizona Cardinals?


What year did the Arizona Cardinals become a team?

The AZ Cardinals was founded in 1898.

When did the cardinals come to Arizona?

The Cardinals came to Arizona in 1988.

When was Arizona Cardinals created?

Arizona Cardinals was created in 1898.

Who is the Arizona Cardinals quarterback?

Kurt Warner is the quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals.

What year did the cardinals come to Arizona?

The Cardinals came to Arizona in 1988.

What font is used for the Arizona Cardinals?

The Arizona Cardinals use Gotham,

Who owns the Arizona Cardinals?

Bill Bidwell is the owner of the Arizona Cardinals

Which state do the NFL cardinals play?

The Cardinals play in the State of Arizona, hence the name Arizona Cardinals.

When did the St. Louis Cardinals change to the Arizona Cardinals?

The St. Louis Cardinals football team moved to Arizona in 1988, becoming the Phoenix Cardinals. They changed the team name from Phoenix to Arizona Cardinals in 1994.

What is the name of the Arizona Cardinals stadium?

The Arizona Cardinals play at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

What is the name of the NFL team in Arizona?

Arizona cardinals cardinals

What team did the Arizona Cardinals used to be?

they were the St. Louis Cardinals before moving to Arizona and they were the Chicago Cardinals before that.

Where is the Arizona Cardinals located?


What year did Arizona Cardinals become franchise?

The original Chicago Cardinals date back to 1920, making them one of the charter members of the NFL.

When did cardinals move to Arizona?

In the Spring of 1988, the St. Louis Cardinals, moved to Arizona.

What is the relative location of the Arizona Cardinals staduim?

what is the Arizona cardinals relative and absolute location

What is the Arizona Cardinals' nickname?

Cardinals or Cards.

How old is the Arizona Cardinal team?

The Arizona Cardinals are the oldest NFL Franchise. The Cardinals were founded back in 1898, but back then they were referred to as different names since then :Morgan Athletic Club, the Normals, Racine Cardinals, Chicago Cardinals, St. Louis Cardinals, Phoenix Cardinals, and now the Arizona Cardinals.

What season did the Arizona Cardinals make it to the playoffs?

Have the arizona cardinals ever won a super bowl?

Did Arizona Cardinals win a Super Bowl?

The Arizona Cardinals have never won the Super Bowl.

What was the Arizona team called before the cardinals?

the Cardinals are the First NFL team for the state of Arizona

Who was the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals in 2001?

Dave McGinnis coached the Arizona Cardinals in 2001.

Who was the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals in 2002?

Dave McGinnis coached the Arizona Cardinals in 2002.