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Andy Murray turned pro in 2004/

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Q: When did Andrew Murray become a tennis player?
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What is Andy Murray the tennis player famous for?

Amazing tennis skills.

Is Andy Murray English or Scottish?

Andy Murray, the tennis player, is Scottish.

Is Andy Murray Scottish?

Yes, Andy Murray, the tennis player, is Scottish.

Who is a tennis player in the 2012 olmipics?

Andy murray

Who is number one tennis player?

Andy Murray

Who is british no1 tennis player?

Andy Murray

Who is the most famous male tennis player?

Andy Murray

Hes a Walker as well as an 'andy tennis player?

Answer - Murray

Who is the fourth best tennis player in the world?

Andy Murray

Who is the most popular tennis player in England?

Andy Murray

What religion is Andy Murray tennis player?

There is no accurate recorded evidence of what Andy Murray's religion is.

Who is great Britain's number 1 tennis player?

Andy Murray

Who is a famous british tennis player?

Andy Murray Hope this helps :)

Which sportsmans autobiography is called hitting back?

Andy Murray. Tennis Player.

Number one male tennis player in London?


Who is the united kingdoms number one player in men's tennis?

Andy Murray.

Does Andy Murray have siblings?

Andy Murray has a brother, Jamie, who is also professional tennis player. Jamie is the elder brother.

Oldest player to win there first major tennis grand slam?

andy murray

How old is Andy Murrays wife?

Andy Murray, the Scottish tennis player, is not married.

What football team does Andy Murray tennis player support?

Chelsea Football Club

How tall is Andy Murray?

Andy Murray, the Number 1 ranked British tennis player, is 6'3" tall (1.90 meters).

Who is the co host on gmtv former tennis player?

Andrew castle

How long will it take to become a tennis player if you train once a week?

LLLLLOOOOOOOONNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to train every day for a few hours for quite a while to become a tennis player! IF you wanna become a tennis player then i wish you good luck

What do you need to become a pro tennis player?

Skill... a racket..... tennis ball.....

Who is the most famous tennis player from Britain?

Current - Andy Murray Overall - Tim Henman