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He joined Manchester United in 2007

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Q: When did Anderson join Manchester United?
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Where is the Manchester united player Anderson from?

Anderson was born in Brazil.

How many times has Anderson scored for Manchester United?

He has yet to score for Manchester United.

Who wore no 8 for Manchester United?


What year did Carrick join Manchester United?

He joined Manchester United in 2006.

What position does Anderson play for Manchester United?

Anderson plays as a midfielder.

When did Giggs join Manchester United?

Ryan Giggs joined Manchester United in 1990

How do you join Manchester united junior?

you get scouted

What year did Cristiano Ronaldo join Manchester united?

Ronaldo joined Manchester United in 2003.

When did van nistelroy join Manchester United?

He joined Manchester United from PSV Eindhoven in 2001

How can you join Manchester united FC?

I can join to Manchester United unless I can develop myself to be the best one as Christiano Ronaldo and Rubin VanPersie

What number does Anderson wear for Manchester United?

Anderson wears no. 8 for Man Utd

What age did David Beckham start playing for Manchester United?

Age of 1 he join the Manchester United

When did Tevez join Manchester united?

He joined in 2009

What year did Rooney join Manchester united?


When did Ferguson join Manchester United as manager?


When did Wayne Rooney join Manchester united?

he joined Manchester united in 2004 if don't believe me check in any where

What year did Javier Hernandez join Manchester United?

Javier Hernandez joined Manchester United in July of 2010. He's the first Mexican to join the club/ team.

On what date did Alex Ferguson join Manchester United?

Ferguson became manager of Manchester United on Nov. 6th, 1986

Who wears number 8 for Manchester united?

The person who wears number 8 for Manchester United Football Club is Anderson, an attacking midfielder.

Where did cantona join Manchester united from?

he was with west ham 1st

What year did dimitri babados join Manchester United?


When did Javier Hernรกndez join Manchester United?

July 2010

Is tevez staying at man you?

No, he left Manchester United in the summer of 2009 to join Manchester City.

Who used to wear jersey number 8 for Manchester United?

oliviara anderson

What is the Manchester united player andersons first name?

Anderson is his first name