When did Actua Golf happen?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Actua Golf happened in 1996.

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Q: When did Actua Golf happen?
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When was Actua Golf created?

Actua Golf was created in 1996.

When did Actua Pool happen?

Actua Pool happened in 1999.

When did Actua Tennis happen?

Actua Tennis happened in 1998.

When did Actua Ice Hockey happen?

Actua Ice Hockey happened in 1998.

When was Actua Soccer created?

Actua Soccer was created in 1995.

When was Actua Tennis created?

Actua Tennis was created in 1998.

When was Actua Pool created?

Actua Pool was created in 1999-01.

When was Actua Ice Hockey created?

Actua Ice Hockey was created in 1998.

What actors and actresses appeared in Actua-Tilt - 1960?

The cast of Actua-Tilt - 1960 includes: Monique Le Porrier as Narrator

When did Mobile Golf happen?

Mobile Golf happened in 2001.

When did Swingerz Golf happen?

Swingerz Golf happened in 2002.

When did Ghetto Golf happen?

Ghetto Golf happened in 360.