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1979, the NBA first adopted it on October 12th. Chad Donahue made the NBA's first three point basket

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Q: When did 3 point line start in college basketball?
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When did three point line start in college basketball?


Was there a four point shooting line in college basketball?

of course not

When did the 3 point line come into effect in college basketball?


When was the college basketball three point line extended?

It was extended in 2007

3 point line in college basketball?

Yes because you have to prepare for the NBA by shooting at the three point line.

Are pro basketball and college basketball courts the same size?

The 3 point line is farther on an NBA court.

When was three point line first introduced in college basketball?

The Southern conference tested the line in the late 70s.

Why did basketball bring the three point line into the game?

they did it so that college and nba players would start shooting farther shots and to help improve their shot

How far is a college three point line from the basketball goal?

20.9 feet from center of rim.

How far is the basketball line from the 3 point line?

i think you mean how far is the three point line from the net?!? High school: 19ft College:21ft NBA:24ft

What is the restraining line in basketball?

the free point line

When was the three point line added to basketball?

It depends what league you're talking about. In the NBA it was added in 1988. In college basketball I think it was added in 1989.

What is the length of the new 3-point line in college basketball?

Starting in the 2008-09 season, the college three point line will be at a distance of 20 feet, 9 inches which is one foot further than it was previously.

Will the distance on the 3 point line be extended?

For college basketball in the United States, the 3 point line is scheduled to be extended from 19' 9'' to 20' 9'' in the 2008-09 season.

What is the distance to the 3 point line in womens college basketball?

The three point line distance in women's college basketball is 19 feet 9 inches. Men's basketball three point line distance is also 19 feet 9 inches. however, that will change to a distance of 20 feet 9 inches beginning in the 2008-2009. The three point line distance in women's basketball will not change. The Playing Rules Oversight Panel also approved moving the women's 3-point line in all three divisions back a foot to 20 feet, 9 inches for the 2011-12 season.

What is the perimeter of a basketball?

The 3 point line.

When was the three point line put in to college basketball?

The NCAA's Southern Conference became the first collegiate conference to use the three-point rule, adopting a 22-foot line in 1980

Are high school and college basketball distances the same for free throw line and three point line?

yes. both are at 15 feet like the NBA

How far is a community college three point line from the basketball goal?

20 feet 9 inches, same as all NCAA three point lines

What is the name of the line that is in the middle of the basketball court?

3 point line

How many point line are there on a basketball court and what are their point amounts?


Three point line in high school basketball?

The three-point line in high school basketball is 19.75 feet. This is measured from the centre of the basket.

What is the key in basketball?

The top of the 3 point line

When was the 3 point line put in basketball?


When was the 3 point line installed for basketball?