When could boys do ballet?

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Experts say that boys could do Ballet from 1000s years ago.

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Q: When could boys do ballet?
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How does ballet developed?

It was devloped in France in the early 1800's. Back then only boys could do ballet.

Is ballet for boys?

Ballet is for boys and girls. There are many famous boy ballerinas, and I know a lot of boys that take ballet.

Why do boys tease the boys who do ballet?

cause they think its girly

Can boys and girls do ballet?


Why don't boys like ballet?

I do believe some boys do enjoy ballet, but they can not share their enjoyment due to peer pressure.

Why should boys do ballet?

Yes boys should do ballet, in fact in some dance schools boys are rare given a 50% scholarship for the whole year on end. Ballet helps girls and boys get stronger muscles and balance. Also girls need partners to lift and do pa de duex with them, So Ballet is very important and does involve a lot of mucle and strenght that why boys choose to do ballet.

Do boys get to do ballet?

Of course! They may not get to do the same steps but most proffetional ballets need boys.

Can boys join ballet?

Of course! Boys are always needed in ballets!

What actors and actresses appeared in Ballet Boys - 2014?

The cast of Ballet Boys - 2014 includes: Syvert Lorenz Garcia Torgeir Lund

Is ballet embarressing for boys?

No it isn't. Actually a lot of boys do ballet and it turns out that they are a bit better than what girls are. It builds their strength if you want to be muscly.

Is it alright for a boy to wear ballet dresses?

NO, boys should not be wearing dresses in or out of ballet class.

What year did boys start to do ballet?

About when they are 6 or 7.

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