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Q: When can you resume jogging after endometrial ablation?
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Where would an endometrial ablation procedure be performed at?

An endometrial ablation procedure can be perfomed by your family practice doctor at an outpatient facility . Should complications arise , surgery would be required .

What does endometrial ablation surgery involve?

Endometrial ablation surgery involves surgically destroying the first couple of tissue linings in the uterus. This helps women who have heavy periods have lighter ones but it causes sterility.

Why do many women prefer endometrial ablation to hysterectomy for the treatment of severe menstrual disorders?

A recent British study reported, however, that many women prefer endometrial ablation to hysterectomy because it is less invasive and safer.

Can a 14 years old get a Endometrial ablation?

The procedure is undertaken by a doctor for certain conditions

How long is the recovery from a Endometrial Ablation?

Depending on your body, it may take weeks or even months to recover from an Endometrial Ablation. Younger people between 25-40 tend to heal better than people who are over 60.

What is the purpose of novasure endometrial ablation?

The purpose of a NovasSure endometrial ablation is to reduce the heaviness of a woman's periods. The method is to use electrical energy to destroy the womb lining. NovaSure is a brand name, and there are other providers and methods of ablations.

What are the risks of uterine endometrial ablation?

Some rare complications of uterine ablation are: infection, bleeding, tearing of the uterus, or burn injuries with laser or microwave ablation procedures. It has been very rare that one can get fluid in the lungs.

Can stress cause bleeding after microwave endometrial ablation?

Physical stress can cause some breakthrough bleeding after a procedure such as an ablation. Be sure to allow the recommended healing time after this procedure is done.

What women with menstrual disorders are candidates for hysterectomy or endometrial ablation?

These procedures are typically only offered to women who have completed their families.

What happens after endometrial biopsies?

The woman can resume normal activities right away

What does a catheter ablation interrupt?

The technique of catheter ablation (meaning tube-guided removal) is used to interrupt the abnormal contractions in the heart, allowing normal heart beating to resume.

What can be done for a uterine ablation?

A Endometrial ablation is used to destroy the lining of the uterus. The doctor will insert a slender tool through the cervix, there are no incisions made. Some of these procedures can be preformed in the office whiel others will be done in an operating room.

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