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During any stoppage in play, with the permission of the referee.

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Q: When can substitutions be made in a soccer game?
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How many substitutions can be made in overtime in soccer?

None or up to 3. Depends on what the coach has done previously in the game. Soccer only allows 3 substitutions in any official game.

How many substitutions can be made per soccer game?

The Laws specify three substitutions. Many league modify this value, most commonly to unlimited substitutions.

What is the average number of substitutions in a soccer game?


How many substitutions on a soccer team?

three per game

How many Substitues in soccer?

You are allowed three substitutions per game.

In soccer when is subs allowed?

Substitutions are allowed at any time during a game and teams are allowed to make three substitutions in a match.

How many substitutions are allowed in a soccer match?

3 substitutions are allowed in a FIFA soccer match.

When can substitutions not be made in youth soccer?

Substitutions may be made during any stoppage in play and with the referee's permission. Many leagues modify this rule to limit substitution opportunities, particularly when unlimited substitutions are allowed.

What happens when a Soccer player gets injured and their team is out of substitutions?

When a team is out of substitutions and have a player injured, they must carry on with the game with one player down.

How many substitutions in soccer?

in fútbol, you are allowed three substitutions per 45 minute half

When can either team substitute an unlimited number of players in soccer game?

Never. Substitutions are limited to 3 per match.

When can you replace players during a soccer game?

FIFA specifies a limit of 3 substitutions per team per match.

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