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Q: When can high school start wearing football equipment?
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What words that are related to sports that start with letter c?

Carts are golf sports equipment. Cleats are football equipment used in football, baseball and soccer.

Do you have to buy all of the equipment when you start karate?

That depends on the style and the school. In my school the only equipment you need is the uniform, we don't use equipment.

When did football players start wearing cleats?

About 1969 is when astro turf cleats began.

With which Football team did Wayne Rooney start his football career?

Garden international school

Is 15 a good age to start football?

Yes, fifteen is a great age to start football. You're in high school. Now you'll be popular.

What football teams start with the letter z?

The Zachary Broncos are a high school football team. The team plays for Zachery High School in Zachery, LA.

What are some pieces of sports equipment that start with the letter A?

ankle supports (These are required to be worn in many youth football programs)

What should you do when you go to middle school?

Remember to wear clean underwear everyday and to start wearing deodorant.

When did high school football start?

J.V. usually starts at 5 and Varsity usually at 7.

Can you start football in college even if you never played in high school or middle school?

yes if your good..but ull probably suck

When was Start Wearing Purple created?

Start Wearing Purple was created in 2004.

When did baseball players start wearing uniforms?

they start wearing shorts and pants