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The captain can ask for a new ball after 80 overs of using the old one.

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I believe there is a ball change every 9th game

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Q: When can change new ball in test cricket?
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Does the new ball rule apply in county cricket?

No.Apart from changes of innings, the "new ball rule" only applies to Test cricket, which is always international.

Is it mandatory to take a new ball for fresh innings in test cricket?'s not mandatory.the rule is a team should bowl a minimum of 80 overs with a single ball comprising of both the innings.

How many balls are bowled prior to new ball in cricket?


How do you swing a cricket ball without any shine like wasim akram?

by bowling a new ball in dream,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Why is a cricket ball made of leather?

Composite (plastic) cricket balls do not perform in the same way as leather balls. Within the game of cricket it is important for both swing bowling and spin bowling that the surface of the ball can wear down during play so that one side can be shined and the other side left rough. This would not be as easily achieved with a plastic ball. Needless to say that a new ball is used at the start of each game, and for longer professional games the fielding captain may ask for a new ball after a set period of overs of use of the ball, e.g. 90 overs in test cricket. At the start of a game therefore the leather ball will be hard, shiny on both sides, and come off the wicket and the bat quicker. As the game progresses the ball will change in shape and become softer and rougher. if the ball goes too far out of shape a replacement ball of a similar surface condition may be requested.

What milestone was achieved by new zealand cricket team captain Daniel vettori recently?

3000 runs and 3oo wickets in test cricket

Who scored the slowest century in Test Cricket?

Brendon Kuruppu of Sri Lanka scored the slowest double century of Test Cricket in 2009 against New Zealand on 548 balls in 777 minutes.

What player did kapildev broke the record of leading test wickets?

new zealand cricket player

Who has the maximum number of pairs in test cricket?

Chris Martin of New Zealand - 6 pairs.

Who took the first wicket in Test cricket?

The first wicket in Test cricket was bowled by English cricketer Allen Hill against Australia on March 15, 1877. The victim was Nat Thomson, whose two Test appearances came nineteen seasons after his debut in first-class cricket for New South Wales.

Who is this player - one unlucky enough to score a 299 in test cricket?

martin crowe from new zealand

What is the lowest score in test cricket and which team made it?

26 by New Zealand v England 1955