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Anytime the team possesing the ball wants to as long as they have time outs left.

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Q: When can a player call timeout in a basketball game?
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Can you call a timeout after regulation time has expired in a basketball game?

You can call a timeout whenever you would like to.

Can an assistant coach call a timeout in a high school basketball game?

Yes, the assistant can call a timeout, players on the court can also call timeouts.

Who can call timeout during a NFL game?

Any player on the field of play or the head coach of the team may call a timeout.

Who can call a timeout in a football game?

A player on the field or the head coach

Why do they call timeouts in a basketball game?

Coaches or players call timeouts for several reasons. One common reason to call a timeout is to change the momentum of the game. If an opposing player is getting in three-pointer after three-pointer, you might want to call a timeout and hope it disrupts his hot streak. Another reason is to substitute players in. When you want to substitute a player in, the player won't be able to go in until game play stops. Timeouts can do stop a game. Also, another reason to call a timeout is for the coach to tell the players something he wants to say. For example, a coach might call a timeout to tell the players to stop being weak on defense, or to draw up a play when the game is on the line.

Can you call a timeout at youth basketball game on defense?

yes. but only on a dead ball. You can't call a defensive time out when the ball is in play.

Who can call timeout on a field goal in an NFL game?

any player on the field or the head coach

Who can call a timeout on the field during a college football game?

Coaches and quarterbacks can call a timeout on the field during a college football game.

Will you be charges for a timeout if you have to tie your shoe lace during a Basketball game?

Nope. The refs will allow that.

In a college basketball game if no timeouts are called by a team in the first half is one timeout forfeited?


How long are timeouts in a basketball game?

20 second timeouts and a "full" timeout which is 1 minute

When does the referee call an out in basketball?

Never, a player can not be called out since it is not baseball. But a player can be ejected from the game

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