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as long as the pitcher is not on the pitching, rubber he can fake a throw to first, if he is on the rubber and does this, it is a bulk

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Q: When can a pitcher fake a throw to 1st base with only a runner on 1st?
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If you have a runner on first base and a runner on third base can the pitcher fake throw to first and then throw to third?

Yes. But he has to be careful not to balk.

Can you fake a throw to first base?

Yes you can fake a throw to first base unless you are they pitcher trying to pick the runner off

Can you fake a throw to second base and run toward the runner?

if you are a baseman then yes you can. the pitcher i think can as well

Can a pitcher fake a throw to 3rd base?

yes, the only base a pitcher cant fake a throw to is first

Can the pitcher fake a throw to first base?


Can a pitcher fake a throw to second base?


Can a left handed pitcher fake a pickoff throw to first base?

A left handed pitcher can fake a throw to first base so long as the pitcher disengages the pitching rubber with the pivot foot (in this case, the left foot) prior to feigning the throw. If a left handed pitcher feigns a throw without disengaging the rubber, it is considered a balk.

Can a left handed pitcher throw to third base without stepping off the rubber?

The pitcher can throw to 3rd with a jump pivot , but he has to throw, he cannot jump pivot and fake a throw.

Can a pitcher spin and fake a throw to second base?

Yes. No problem. He can even do it with no one on the bases.

Can a pitcher fake a throw to second base while on the rubber?

No, they must step off the rubber first.

How many balk calls are there?

There is only one call for a balk. When a pitcher is in the stretch and a runner or runners are on base, the pitcher must pause before throwing to homeplate. There can also be a balk called on the pitcher if he makes a move to throw out someone at first base, but doesn't actually throw the ball. (No fake throws to first allowed!) The last reason for a balk to be called is if a pitcher begins to move his front leg towards homeplate, but does not throw the ball to home. (Or simply pitch to the batter). A balk results in baserunners advancing one base.

Can a right handed pitcher step off the rubber and then fake a throw to first base?

as long as you step off of the rubber you are safe to do anything you want, except throw home. It would not be a balk.

If there are runners on 2nd and 3rd and 1st base is unoccupied - can the pitcher step off the rubber and fake a throw to 1st base without it being called a balk?

no, someone has to occupy a base for you to make a motion towards it. P.S. Are you a lefty?

Can a pitcher fake throw to first on a pick off move?

Yes you can it just throws the player off

What can a pitcher do to cause opposing team to get a free run?

Well, if you are watching the same game I am, he can try one of those silly fake a pickoff at third base and then turn towards first and have the umpire call a balk on him allowing the runner on third base to score.

What is a balk in baseball?

A balk is any of a large number of illegal actions made by a pitcher when he is on the rubber. When this happens, the ball is declared dead and all base runners are awarded the next base. The main reason for the rule is give a runner a fair change to steal a base. Simply put, a balk is a fake pitching move- an attempt to make it look to the runner like a pitch in being made when in fact the ball is being held in the pitcher's hand or going to a base. It is also a balk when the catcher is out of the catcher's box when the pitcher begins his pitch, and when any player other than the catcher is not in fair territory when the pitcher begins his pitch.

Can a catcher pretend to lose the ball in order to get a runner on third to attempt a steal?

Yes. There is nothing in the MLB rulebook that states a catcher cannot 'fake' an action in order to lure a baserunner off the base. The pitcher, however, cannot do this. Any false action from a pitcher would be considered a balk.

Can you wear fake eyelashes if you are a runner?


With runners on first and third if a pitchers fakes a throw to third can he then fake a throw to first?


If a pitcher fakes to 2nd base while on rubber is it a balk?

If you fake to an empty base it's a balk. If you attempt to do anything except pitch the ball while on the rubber, it's probably a balk (a particularly sneaky left-handed pitcher may be able to get away with this however).

When can you fake a free throw?

after you are fowled, but you can shoot from around the line when playing

Can you fake out a Runner trying to steal second by the pitcher throwing to shortstop?

I don't believe. Having been primarily positioned as a pitcher and having been around the game most of my days, I can't recall a single situation in which I've picked or have seen any one try and pick-off to the short stop. From my understanding you as a pitcher can only pickoff to a designated bag or it be called a balk and the runner will get himself a free bag. If the shortstop is actually covering 2nd base, then I think it be allowed. The idea of fakin a pick to a short stop positioned directly between 3rd and 2ns just doesn't seem rt. to me so I say no.

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where you fake the handoff to a running back and then you throw the ball

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