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forearms like 3 or 4 inches after the wrist

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Q: When bumping in volleyball you should use your wrist or your fist?
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Are you allowed to serve with a fist in seventh grade volleyball?

No, you are not allowed to serve with a fist in any level of volleyball.

When hitting an underhand volleyball serve where should you contact the ball?

when serving the ball underhand, you want to form a fist with your dominate hand and hit the ball at the wrist which provides you with the best combination of control and power

What rhymas with wrist?

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What is the meaning of volleyball bump?

When you bump a volleyball, you have your arms together with one hand in a fist and the other wrapped around. When the ball comes to you, you simplylean into it with your legs and let it hit the area between the inside of your elbow and your wrist.

Can you make a fist if your wrist is broken?


What is bump in volleyball?

a bump is where you hit the volleyball with your arms by making a fist with one hand and wrapping your other hand around the fist tightly. then you swing your arms up (no higher than your shoulders) so the ball hits and bounces off. the ball should hit about 2-3 inches above your wrist. if you bump off a serve, you typically dont need to swing your arms, it should just bounce off.

Where was the fist volleyball made?

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Who was the fist to discover the volleyball and the dateof which the volleyball was discovered?

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Can use your wrist and arms for volleyball right?

Yes, you can use your arms and wrists as long as you use the volleyball passing technique or if your fist is closed. Having an open hand and raising your arms on the ball is an illegal lift that you will get called for in games.

What does bumping mean in volleyball?

A bump is when the volleyball is hit to you, and it is too low to set or spike. Then, you have to hit it, with one fist inside your other hand, your arms fully extended and never bent, and using your legs to get power. Hope that helps! Add on if you have a different way to describe it!

How do you hit underhand in volleyball?

Hold the ball low in your non-hitting hand, close your hitting hand into a fist, and hit the ball out of your hand with your wrist. Scoop it up and forward.

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