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You are allowed to touch one of your opponent's pieces in Chess when your piece takes one.

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Q: When are you allowed to touch your opponents piece in chess?
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Do you have to move a piece in chess if you just touch the piece?

With strict rules, yes.

When playing chess if you touch a piece do you have to move it?

The "Touch-move rule" requires you , when it's your turn , to move that chess piece . ~ See related link below for additional information .

What is touch capture in chess?

Touch move means that if you touch a piece and it has a legal move you must play it. Touch capture means that if you touch a piece of your opponent's and you can capture it you must do so.

Is there a redo in the game of chess?

Not in the official rules. In fact, by official rules, you aren't even allowed to touch a piece you don't intend to move (if you want to adjust a piece.... if it's not centered in the square or something... you have to specifically state that you're just adjusting it, otherwise once you touch it you have to move that piece and no other.)

What is some information on the king in the game of chess?

Can only move one space in any direction. Can not touch opponents king. If taken the game is over.

What is the rule of chess?

The rule of chess is, depending on the game, must save your king. You must move the pieces the correct way and if the same move is repeated for both you and your opponent, it is called a draw. In some circumstances you must move the piece once you touch it. Other times, when you let go of your piece. You claim a win by either capturing your opponents king or checkmating him which is attacking your opponent's king and he has no where to move.

What is allowed to touch the net?

The ball is allowed to touch the net. No part of any player is allowed to touch the net. Players may touch the ground on the opponents side of the net with their foot as long as they pick their foot up directly up off the ground and bring it back to their side of the court. They may not drag their foot back to their side of the court. If a player falls and lands on the opponents side of the court it is considered "under the net" and causes a point and/or sideout.

Can you touch your opponents hand in basketball?

no you cannot

Can you move a chess piece after your turn?

Officially, you cannot move any of your pieces until it's your turn. There are no "take-backs". Once you touch a piece, it must be moved, unless you're only adjusting it in its square.

Is the touch move rule used in international chess?

i think so

How do you improve in chess but don't have time to practice?

One way you can improve chess but don't have time to is in a car. An ipod touch has many chess apps you can play. The regular ipods also have a chess game you can buy for your ipod.

In chess can you retrace your move?

No; in chess, once you have touched a piece, you must move it. The only exception to this rule is in the case of adjusting the piece within its square. Some people play by the "the move is complete when you let go of the piece" rule, but this isn't an official rule. Officially, you touch it, it must move. Once you've moved it, you can only move it back if doing so constitutes a legal move for that piece and the current position, and only as a separate turn. In short, there are no "take-backs".

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