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The PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) holds its World Championships every year starting in December with the winner being named on January 1st.

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Q: When are the annual world darts championships?
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Are the darts world championships biannual?

No the darts world championship are annual but there are two darts organisations (BDO, PDC) they both have there own, but PDC players can't obviously enter the BDO one and visa versa. The PDC championship is held Lakeside

What game or sport must you throw a double before you can begin scoring?

This is a rule in some versions of darts; the World Championships does not require it, for example.

Why are the darts players wearing black arm bands at this years world championships?

I believe it was a mark of respect for Peter Evison, who's wife passed away.

When was World Darts Federation created?

World Darts Federation was created in 1976.

What do you call the place where darts is played?

The location is the venue. The venue is almost always a bar/pub for league darts, but many local darts associations hold annual tournaments in hotel ballrooms.

When did PDC World Championship Darts happen?

PDC World Championship Darts happened in 2007.

When was PDC World Championship Darts created?

PDC World Championship Darts was created in 2007.

When was World Professional Darts Championship created?

World Professional Darts Championship was created in 1978.

What song was used in the 2009 darts world championship for planet darts?

The eye of the tiger

Who is the best Darts player in the world?

Based on the amount of world championships won, Phil 'The Power' Taylor is the best darts player in the world having won the world championship a massive 15 times. He has remained the top player in the world for the 20 years that he has been playing professionally, winning the world title for 15 of those 20 years. Phil is a gentleman and a dedicated professional constantly working on his game to remain at the top.

How many times has Phil Taylor won the World Championship of Darts?

world championship 2 world masters 1 world darts trophy 1

What is the size of darts?

According to the American Darts Organization the maximum length is 12" (30.5 cm). I assume it's the same elsewhere in the world since the ADO is a member of the World Darts Federation.

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