What is the size of darts?

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According to the American Darts Organization the maximum length is 12" (30.5 cm). I assume it's the same elsewhere in the world since the ADO is a member of the World Darts Federation.

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Q: What is the size of darts?
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Are all Nerf darts the same size?


How many darts can a Nerf small dart holder hold?

A Nerf standard size clip can hold up to 7 darts. Other sizes of clips include 12 darts, 18 darts, 25 darts and 35 darts.

Are 40 paintballs the same size as 40 darts?


What size are Nerf darts?

I they're like four or five inches long.

Are Nerf streamline darts the same size as elite streamline darts?

On the outside they're pretty much the same size; however, what you don't see is that the internal plastic stem on a Streamline (aka a Clip System dart) is longer than it is on an Elite (as well as Suction and Dart Tag darts). That means that the barrel post can't go as far into a Streamline dart's "hole" as it can on the other kinds of darts. In other words, even though they're the same size on the outside as Elite darts, the old Streamline darts will NOT work on most Elite guns (I believe they may work on Elites like the Hailfire, Stryfe and Stockade, which use flywheels to fire the darts, but will not work on the Retaliator, Rampage, Rough Cut, Strongarm, and other guns that rely on air plungers). Elite Darts, on the other hand, *will* work on guns designed for Streamline darts.

How many darts does the Nerf mavrick fire?

The Nerf Mavrick fires all of the darts apart from Glow in the Dark so that is The Whistler Darts, Dart Tag Darts, Clip System Darts, Streamline Darts and Suction Darts.

Does the Nerf Raider Rapid Fire hold streamline darts or suction darts?

it holds streamline darts not suction darts the suction darts dont fit in the drum magazine it can also hold micro darts and whistler darts

What equipment is used in darts?

scoring board, darts, flights,stems,darts board, darts surround and darts mat are the most common used

Are Nerf Ecs darts the same as cs darts?

ecs stands for extended clip system, cs stand for clip system, so the only differents is the actual clip size

What darts does the Nerf firefly use?

the firefly uses special glow in the dark micro darts, but can fire sonic micro darts, streamline micro darts, regular suction micro darts, and any other micro darts you can get

Can you buy extra darts for the night finder ex-3?

Yes you can. Commonly called "Suction Darts", Micro Darts will do fine in the blaster and are sold where ever a large amount of Nerf products are. It can also work with Glow Darts, Sonic Micro Darts Whistler Darts and Dart Tag Darts. It will not work with Streamline Darts, however, so watch out for those darts.

What kind of darts can the Nerf barricade shoot?

The Barricade RV-10 comes with 10 Whistler Darts, but can also fire Sonic Micro Darts. I'm pretty sure it also fires Micro Darts and Glow Darts, but not Streamline Darts.

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