When are nfl playoff games 2011-2012?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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it started from January the 2nd for the wildcard games! hope i helped!

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Q: When are nfl playoff games 2011-2012?
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Who is going to win the NFL playoff games.?

The Tampa Bay Bucaneers

Which NFL Team been in the most playoff games?

Philadelphia Eagles

Do all NFL division winners host playoff games?


Is the Dallas versus Eagles game a single elimination playoff game?

yes, like all NFL playoff games.

How do you play the super bowl on Madden NFL 2009?

Win your playoff games.

Can the playoffs be watched online?

The NFL or its broadcast partners do not stream the playoff games on-line.

Which nfl coach has won the most playoff games in the history of football?

Bill bilechek

The Cowboys have played in the most playoff games in NFL history How many have they played in?


What is the earliest an NFL team has clinched a playoff spot?

Winning 8 straight games will do it.

What NFL team has the most playoff wins of all time?

There are two teams tied for the 2nd most playoff wins, the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys.Pittsburgh Steelers 60 games, 36-24 overall playoff recordGreen Bay Packers 56 games, 34-22 overall playoff recordDallas Cowboys 61 games, 34-27 overall playoff recordNew England Patriots 50 games, 32-18 overall playoff recordSan Francisco 49ers 52 games, 31-21 overall playoff record

How many NFL games are there?

There are 11 playoff games. 4 Wildcard games. 4 Divisional games. 2 Championship games. And the Super Bowl.

There are 11 games in the NFL postseason playoff to the super bowl. Has it always been 11 playoff games?

It has been 11 games since the 1990-91 season when the NFL expanded the playoffs from 10 teams (5 per conference) to 12 teams (6 per conference).