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A player is eligible as soon as they are placed active on the major league roster. If the player does not play, they still earn the major league minimum.

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Q: When are Players eligible for minimum salary?
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What is a soccer players minimum salary?

No exact salary.

How many games played in the MLB is required to be eligible for the minimum salary?

1. Players are paid 1/162 of their salary for each game they are active. As long as they are on the major league roster during the season, they will earn at least the minimum

Minimum salary for nfl players?


What is the minimum salary for an ECHL player?

Teams are required in 2009-10 to pay rookie players a minimum salary of $360 per week and returning players a minimum salary of $400 per week.

Minimum salary in nfl?

The minimum salary in the NFL is $450000 for players with the one year service. It is however, $525000 for players with two years of service.

What is the bare minimum a mlb players salary is?

As of 2010, the minimum salary for a first-year Major League player is $400,000.

What is minimum wage salary for MLB players in 2010?


League minimum salary for MLB?

According to the 5 year contract signed between the owners and players in 2006, the minimum salary in 2008 is $390,000 and in 2009, the minimum salary will be $400,000.

What is the salary for professional baseball players?

The minimum salary for, in 2008, a professional baseball player is $390,000.

What is the minimum salary in the national basketball league?

The minimum salary of a player in the National Basketball League depends on how long they have been playing. For players first starting out the minimum salary as of 2010 is $473,604.

How many years does an nfl player have to play to get the league minimum?

The minimum salary in the NFL is decided by how many years the player has played in the league. For the 2010 season, the minimum salary for rookies was $320,000. One year players minimum was $395,000, two year players minimum was $470,000, and three year players minimum was $545,000. For players that had 4-6 years in the league the minimum was $630,000. For players with 7-9 years in the league the minimum was $755,000 and for those players with 10 or more years the minimum was $855,000.

Average salary of hockey player?

The minimum salary is $500,000. The best players make $10,000,000. The average salary is about $1,500,000.

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