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There is no definitive information however, record show that one of the earliest forms of soccer in which players kicked a ball around on a small field has been traced as far back to 1004 B.C. in Japan.

A record of the development of soccer in England shows that Eton college had the earliest known rules of the game in 1815, I suppose that this somewhat implies that until then, the games were played in chaos. Standardized rules known as the Cambridge rules were adopted by England's major colleges at this time.


There are many forms of football some of which can be traced back hundreds of years. However, the history of the form of football known as Soccer are well documented. The 'Laws of the game' for 'Association football' also known as 'Soccer' were wrote by a man called Ebenezer C. Morley the first secretary of the newly formed Football Association in 1863. Before this year the word Soccer did not exist.

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Q: When and who began the soccer?
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When did soccer enter the Olympics?

Men's soccer began at the 1900 Olympics in Paris. Women's soccer began at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

When the soccer began?

In Britain .

What year was women's soccer made?

For Women's Professional Soccer (WPS), it began 3/29/09. For Women's International Soccer (national team), it began in 1995.

Did soccer began in 1863?

yes it did

When was soccer inveted?

soccer began in ancient china where they played with human heads

How has soccer adapted?

My grandmother told me not how soccer was adapted, but that when they began they used heads of prisoners they killed and played soccer with heads thousands of years ago.

What year did college soccer begin?

It began in 1989 in Arizona and was the brainchild of college professor Dr Charles Soccer

Which sport began over 2500 year ago?


What country started soccer officially?

England is where Football began.

What is the history of soccer in France?

Soccer in France began when FIFA was formed in May 1904. The first official soccer game was held by The French National team that same year.

How old was Mia Hamm when she first started soccer?

Mia Hamm began playing soccer and other sports at the age of 6. Mia retired from playing soccer in 2004.

How old is the game of soccer?

ovr 2000 yrs old, it began in england.

What countries are known for soccer?

England where it began, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Spain.

Where and when did soccer originate?

There is evidence suggesting a soccer-like game was played up to 5,000 years ago in China, Egypt, Rome, and Greece. However, soccer as we know it today began in England in the 1860s.

How many players when soccer first began?

12 0r it could be 11 ok!

WHAT DATE did they invent soccer?

"football" is a really ancient sport and was invented as far as 3000 years ago, but the soccer that we play today began taking shape in 1863

When did football began?

1878 by Willie Tidwell

What channel can a person watch Soccer AM on?

The British football/soccer show Soccer AM currently airs on Sky Sports 2 in the United Kingdom on Saturday mornings. The show began in 1995 on Sky Sports and currently airs for two hours.

When did soccer join the Olympics?

In 1900 it became a demonstration sport in the olympics, but they began winning medals for it in 1908.

When was the year woman started playing soccer?

men began in 1960 so i think women is 1970

At what age did David Beckham start playing soccer?

David Beckham began his soccer career with Manchester United at age 17. He debuted in 1992, and called it quits after 20 years.

With which club did Ruud van Nistelrooy begin his soccer career?

Ruud van Nistelrooy began his soccer career playing for FC Den Bosch. He played the striker role during his career and he announced his retirement from soccer on May 14, 2012.

How were old soccer boots made?

Initially, old soccer boots were modified from regular work boots with nails in the bottom. Once manufacturing began for soccer boots in 1905 they were made by Gola, Valsport, and Hummel with 6-9 replaceable studs in the bottom.

Who invented the soccer rainbow move?

When I was in grad school, I recall that Rainbow Soccer began in Chapel Hill around 1972. Kip Ward was the first person to get it going.

When did soccer become a worldwide sport?

It became worldwide after England began the premier league then all the other countries joined in after seeing/hearing about it. SOCCER RULES!!! DONT 4GET IT!!!