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The first Olympics in Australia were held in Melbourne in 1956.

The Olympics were held again in Australia in Sydney, in 2000.

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Q: When and where were the Olympics in Australia?
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Is Australia in the Olympics?

of coarse australia is in olympics even ancient greece (Athens) australia was in it.

Is Australia in 2008 Beijing Olympics?

yes Australia is in the 2008 Olympics

Is Australia competing in the 2012 Olympics?

Yes, Australia will be competing in the 2012 Olympics.

How many times have Australia competed in the Olympics?

Australia has been in every summer Olympics and some of the winter Olympics.

When and where were the winter Olympics held in Australia?

The winter Olympics have never been held in Australia.

When did Australia win the Ice hockey Olympics?

Australia has never won the Ice Hockey Olympics.

When was Australias First Olympics?

In 1956 Australia and Sweden co hosted the Olympics event. Then in 2000 Australia hosted Sydney Olympics solely..........

Besides the 2000 Olympics what other years were the Olympics held in Australia?

Australia hosted the Olympics in 1956 in Melbourne. Sydney hosted in 2000.

What rank did Australia come at Beijing Olympics 2008?

Australia ranked 6th at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

How many silver medals have Australia won in the Olympics?

Australia has won a total of 137 silver medals at summer Olympics and 0 at the winter Olympics.

What events did the Australia Olympics have?

every olympics games has the same sport

How many medals did Australia win at Olympics 2009?

There were no olympics in 2009.

What conthey were the losers in the Olympics?


Where were the Olympics in 2000?

Sydney, Australia.

What did they do in the 2000 Olympics?

they were in Australia Sydney!

How many silver medals have Australia won at the Olympics?

As of the 2008 Games, Australia has won 122 silver medals in the Summer Olympics and 0 in the Winter Olympics.

Has Australia competed in every modern Olympics?

Australia has competed at every Summer Olympics and all Winter Olympics except 1924, 1928, 1932, and 1948.

How long has it been since Great Britain has beaten Australia in the Olympics?

Great Britain beat Australia at the 2008 Olympics

Does Australia enter the Olympics?

Yes, Australia enters the Olympics (winter and summer) and is considered a powerhouse in swimming events in particular.

What countries in Australia took part in Olympics?

Australia and New Zealand

How many countries are not in the Olympics?

2, Antarctica and Australia but now there is Australia

When was Australia's most Successful Olympics?

What was australias most famous Olympics What was australias most famous Olympics

What Olympics did Australia win?

they won gold in the three day eventing in the Olympics

Where was Michael phelp first Olympics?

2000 Was his first Olympics in Sydney, Australia.

When and where have the Olympics been in Australia?

Australia has hosted the Summer Olympics twice. The first time the Summer Olympics were in Australia was in 1956 in Melbourne, capital of Victoria. The second time was in 2000 in Sydney, capital of New South Wales.