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It is called serve receive.

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Q: When a team passes a ball from a serve in volleyball that style of passing is called?
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When receiving a serve in volleyball this skill is called?

It is called a serve receive.

What is it called when the serve in not touched and is good in volleyball?

A not touched good serve

Is out on a serve in volleyball?

i do not understand your question. but you ca serve the ball out in volleyball.

How is called the service in Volleyball?

The two over arm serves are called the top spin and the flote serve and the under arm serve

What is an underhand open palm hit called in volleyball?

Underhand serve

What is a receiving in volleyball?

A receiver in volleyball is the person who the ball is sent too. For example, if i serve the ball, the receiver may be any player on the other side of the net.

Are you allowed to serve with a fist in seventh grade volleyball?

No, you are not allowed to serve with a fist in any level of volleyball.

Does it take more skill to play soccer or to play volleyball?

I think Volleyball, but thats just my opinon! Its easier to kick a ball where you want it to go, but controling the ball when passing, setting, and spiking is much harder. Also in Volleyball you must perfect you serve. Hope that helps!

In volleyball what is the illegal move by the serving team where they conceal the serve from the opponent?

isn't it called screening?

In volleyball the players situated in the back zone when the serve is made is called which positions?

back row

What are the names of the two passes used in volleyball?

The skill of passing involves fundamentally two specific techniques:The underarm pass, or bump, where the ball touches the inside part of the joined forearms or platform, at waist lineThe overhand pass, where it is handled with the fingertips, like a set, above the head.Either are acceptable in professional and beach volleyball, however there are much tighter regulations on the overhand pass in beach volleyball.

Can you block a volleyball on serve?