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cuz they left that man on

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Q: When a runner that has reached from another pitcher is put out on a fielders choice and another runner that has reached scores why does it count as an earned run to the previous pitcher?
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What is h 11 in baseball?

um.. it depends. "h" can mean two different things. it can mean that a batter has 11 hits, which means that a player hit the ball and reached base with out being tagged out, thrown out, or reaching on a fielders choice. if the "h" is reffering to a pitcher, it means the pitcher has 11 holds, which is where the game is close, a relief pitcher can come in and "hold" the game by not giving up a run so that the closer can pitch and "save the game. I hope this answers you question.

If a relief pitcher comes in with the bases loaded and gets a force out at second does the runner that is now on first get charged to the previous pitcher since his runner was forced out by choice?

No. Any base runner that gets on base and scores is charged to the pitcher that pitched to him, regardless whether the batter reached base by a force out, error, catcher's interference,etc.

What does batter get credited for if he reaches first base on a fielders choice?

The at bat is recorded like an out so they would be 0 for 1, FC, even though they reached base safely.

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Is it possible to strike six people out in one inning?

Yes, it is. When a pitcher strikes someone out, the ball will occasionally pop out of the catcher's glove while the batter is swinging. When that happens, the batter can run for first. The pitcher, however, is still credited with the strikeout.Therefore, a pitcher could strike 6 people out if 3 people reached base when the catcher dropped the ball 3 times and if the pitcher struck out 3 batters regularly.