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Q: When a player receives a penalty and they score and they are scored on does the player leave penalty box?
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When can a player not leave the penality box after a goal is scored?

A player always has the option to leave the penalty area. There are sometimes consequences for doing so. For example, a goal keeper could be penalized for leaving the penalty area with the ball still in their hands.

When a goal keeper receives a blue card in soccer do they have to leave the game or does another player leave for them?

In soccer, there is no such thing as a blue card. However, indoor soccer (A similar by distinct sport) uses the blue card to indicate a time penalty for certain fouls. If the goalkeeper receives a blue card, another player will serve that time in their place.

In hockey if you have a 5 minute major penalty can you get out if the other team scores?

In common Ice Hockey games, 5 minute major penalties are served for the entire 5 minute period. If a goal is scored during that 5 minute period, the penalized player serving the penalty may not return to the ice, until the entire penalty has been served.

Why did neil redfearn leave oldham athletic?

He left bcuase he fell out with Joe Royle the manager at the time. He left the season they got promoted where he scored the winning penalty that won the title.

Can you kick a soccer ball into the goal and score after the goalie deflects it on a penalty kick?

If by goal box you mean goal area, a box 6 yards from the goal. Then Yes, a goal may be scored within the box. EXCEPT: A goal cannot be scored on yourself from a goal kick or free kick awarded with in the your own goal area. If the ball is kicked from a goal kick or free kick awared with in your own goal area and enters your own goal the proper restart is a goal kick as the ball must leave the pentaly area to be in play. FIFA Laws of the Game.

What is the penalty for not enough players on the football field?

In American football, there is no penalty for not enough players on the field for a play. Should there be too many players on the field, there is a penalty called for illegal participation (five yards). But if a team has too few, there is no penalty called. There technically is no penalty for having too few players on the field. However, the offense always has to have at least seven men on the line of scrimmage and an eligible receiver on each end of the line. If the offense didn't meet this requirement, they would be flagged for an illegal formation.

Can a keeper run up to the penalty box throw the ball forward leave the penalty area and kick it further?

Yes. The goalkeeper may leave the penalty area at any time during play, but cannot touch the ball with his hands while outside of the area.

What is a penalty goal in soccer?

A penalty kick is awarded when a defender commits a direct free kick offense, against an attacker, within his own penalty area, and during active play. The penalty kicker places the ball on the penalty mark, 12 yards from the goal, and gets a one-on-one kick against the opposing goal keeper. All other players must be outside of the penalty area, 10 yards from the ball, and behind the ball at the taking of the kick.

Is there a penalty mark for wrong answers?

There is no penalty for wrong answers. Although if you leave an answer that is incorrect it maybe deleted by another user and answered correctly.

Should juveniles receive the death penalty?

No, nobody should receive the death penalty. An eye for an eye will just leave the world blind.

What is the penalty for high jacking a plane under British law?

leave to remain in Britain Ans,2: That is nonsense. The penalty is a maximum of 20 years in jail.

How does the penalty card system in hockey work?

The green card is the final warning for that offence. * Green cards are relatively common. For example, over the length of the Beijing Olympic hockey tournaments, there was an average of 2.18 green cards awarded per game - some games involved 5 being given out. * It usually carries 1 demerit point. The yellow card is a minor personal penalty. * The player that receives it must leave the field for a minimum of 5 minutes. * The actual length depends on the seriousness of the offence - a player could be yellow-carded for a whole game if the umpire determines it so. * It carries 3 to 6 points, also dependent on how serious the offence was. 3 or 4 is common; 5s or even 6s are very rarely given out. The red card is a major personal penalty. * A player that is given one must leave the field of play and its surrounds - they cannot watch the end of the game. * It is a serious offence to receive a red card, often because of fighting or extreme misconduct. * It carries 12 points. * Additionally, a team that receives a yellow or red card must play with one less player on the field for each card given, until the suspended player is returned (which doesn't happen for a red card). Over the length of a tournament or season, any player who collects 12 points will receive an automatic suspension for the next game, and will be summoned before a judiciary to determine why the player has received so many penalties.