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The position of the ball determines the spot.

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Q: When a player is tackled is the ball marked where his knee goes down or the position of the ball?
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If a player in possession is on the ground not tackled may the defense take the ball from him?


In rugby when a player is tackled can the opposing team pick up the ball?


Does the golf ball have to be marked by the player?


Can you grab the football out of the hands of a football player?

Yes, as long as the player is not considered tackled a defensive player may strip the ball from the ball carrier.

In football - can the goalkeeper be tackled inside the six-yard-box?

You tackle the ball, not a player.

What does quarterback do?

Receives the ball from the center, and either runs with it or passes it to another player. And they get tackled. A lot.

In football can one offensive player call time out while another offensive player has the ball but has not been tackled?

No, a timeout can not be called until the player with the ball is down or out of bounds.

What is the breakdown in rugby?

It is when you have the ball and you get tackled and you feed the ball out to your halfback

Where does the referee mark the ball when the player is down?

The ball is placed at the position of the ball when the player is downed. If that position is not between the hash marks it will be moved to the nearest hash.

Where is a player marked down who makes a catch and bobbles the ball?

In the NFL the player is marked down once he has complete control of the ball (no longer bobbling the ball) and has been touched down by contact. If the player bobbles the ball, but continues to run and is not down by contact the play continues. However if the player catches the ball but is still bobbling it while he is being pushed backward by a defender, the player will be marked down once he has control at that spot.

What is a safety in nfl football?

A safety is whan a Player with the ball is tackled in their own endzone. It worth 2 points and defense receives the ball on a free kick.

What is a gain of negative yards mean in football?

It means the offensive player holding the ball was tackled behind the line of scrimmage.

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