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a run

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Q: When a player is safe at home plate what did he or she just score?
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How do you score softball?

By running around the bases and touching Home plate just like baseball

How do you keep score in a baseball game?

Each time a player crosses the home plate and has passed all of the bases, that is one point. You just add points after that until the 9 innings are up.

What is the momentum of a 72 kg baseball player who slides into home plate at 4.9 ms?

Just multiply the velocity with the mass. That's how momentum is defined.

Do you score a run when a defensive player crosses home plate in baseball?

If the third out is a force play or a fly out, a run can not score, no matter how soon a runner crosses home before that third out. If the batter hits the ball over the outfielder's head with runners on first and third, and the runner on first constantly slips and falls as he runs to second, the fact that the batter got to first and the runner on third got home several seconds before the runner going to second was forced out, is just too bad. It's still a force out, and no run scores.

How can you win a baseball game without crossing home plate?

Two answers: 1. The other team doesn't show up, so your team wins by forfeit or 2. you are not a player, but the owner/coach/manager so it's still your team. Somebody crosssed home plate, just not you.

Can all players score in soccer or just forwards?

Any player-even the goalie

How do you score in a softball game?

You score a home run by hitting the ball, it doesnt have to be far or hard, but you need to make it around all the bases and touch home plate before you get out. You can be walked, and score a HR by overthrows, fumbling around, etc.

If the ball hits home plate and then the batter hits it is it a fair ball?

I believe, since home plate is in fair territory, the ball would be fair and the batter would be called out for making contact with a live, fair ball. The equivelent to runner interference with the ball on the base paths. ---------- The question is unclear. If a pitched ball hits home plate, it can then be hit by the batter (former Astros player, Enos Cabell, comes to mind). However, if the batter hits the pitch, and the ball then hits the plate and bounces up into the air, and the batter then hits it a second time, he's out. The rule says if the bat hits a batted ball a second time, the batter is out, which is different the the ball hitting the bat a second time.

What if the catcher touches a batted ball that hits the plate?

Home plate is considered just as much "fair territory" as any other part of the playing field. If a batted ball comes to rest on home plate without being touched by any player, it is a fair ball. If a catcher grabs the ball, when the only part of the field the ball has touched is home plate, the ball is fair -- just as if it had bounced only within the chalk lines. Thus, if a batter hits the ball downward onto the plate, and the ball then bounces into the air, and the catcher grabs the ball in the air before it hits any other part of the field -- the ball is fair. Since, at this point, the batter must run to first base, the catcher could throw the runner out at first.

In how many ways can a runner score from third base?

You can just run home on a play, steal home, tag up, or be walked home (If the pitcher walks someone on loaded bases)

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