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Assuming he is right-handed, and if there is a runner on second base, he can either throw to second base or pitch.

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Q: When a pitcher is in the set position and his left foot crosses the pitching rubber with a runner on second base does he have to throw to second?
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What is the pitching rubber?

the place where the pitcher stands.

What is the strip on the pitcher's mound where a pitcher must stand called?

pitching rubber

Does the pitcher need to touch the mound while pitching?

Rule 8.01 Legal Pitching Delivery goes into detail about the only two legal pitching positions (the set position and the wind-up) but the short answer is yes, not only must the pitcher be touching the mound, his foot must be touching the pitcher's plate (or rubber) until the ball is delivered to the batter.

Can a pitcher stand on the corner of the pitching rubber?

Yes. A pitcher must make contact with the rubber but it may be a toe, a heel, or the entire foot.

How far is the pitcher's rubber from homeplate?

from the front of the pitching rubber to the back of home plate is 60'6"

When can a pitcher fake a throw to 1st base with only a runner on 1st?

as long as the pitcher is not on the pitching, rubber he can fake a throw to first, if he is on the rubber and does this, it is a bulk

In fast pitch softball does the pitcher have to be in contact with the pitching rubber?

Yes, the pitcher has to be in contact with the rubber or if not the pitch will be illegal

What is the distance from the pitching rubber to back of home plate in little league baseball?

The distance from home plate to the pitcher's rubber is 46 feet.

What are the dimensions of the pitcher's plate?

In Major League Baseball, the pitcher's plate, or pitching rubber, is 24 inches long and 6 inches wide.

Must a pitcher have both feet on the pitchers plate?

No, the pitcher only needs 1 foot in contact with the pitching rubber to start his pitch

What does the term toe the slab refer to in baseball?

It means to be a pitcher. The pitching rubber is called the slab. The pitcher must have his foot on the rubber when he releases a pitch and he touches it with the back of his toes, wearing a shoe, of course.

What is the height of a major league pitcher's mound?

The pitching rubber is set at a height of 10 inches.

How many inches is the width of the pitching rubber?

The pitcher's plate is 24 inches by 6 inches.

When in the act of pitching to home plate the pitcher suddenly pitches to first base is that a balk?

Yes that is a balk. If a pitcher makes any movement that is naturally associated with his pitch home, he must deliver a pitch to home, otherwise his movement is a balk. Even if he started his pitching motion to home and then stopped, witout throwing to first, it would be a balk. ---------- However, standing on the mound with the pivot foot in contact with the pitching rubber is not "in the act of pitching," and from that position, before he starts his pitching motion, the pitcher can throw to 1B without it being a balk.

How tall is a pitcher's mound in baseball?

In MLB, the pitching rubber is 10 inches above home plate.

How big is the table on a pitching mound?

The table, or plateau, of a pitching mound should be 5 foot by 3 foot. The placement should be so it measures 6 inches in front of the pitcher's rubber, 24 inches in the back of the rubber, and 18 inches on each side of the rubber.

What is the length from the pitcher mound to the home base?

It is 60 feet, 6 inches from the pitching rubber to home plate.

In slow pitch softball does the pitcher have to be in contact with the pitching rubber?

in ASA rules yes in USSSA softball rules no

What is the baseball pitching distance?

The distance between the front of the pitching rubber, where a pitcher must start his delivery, and the back of home plate is 60 feet, 6 inches.

Measurements of pitcher mound slab?

In MLB, the dimensions of the pitching rubber is 24 inches long by 6 inches wide.

What is the pitching distance for 9 year old baseball players?

Its about 46 feet from the rubber on the pitcher's mound to the tip of homeplate.

What is the purpose for the pitcher's mound rubber?

you have to keep one foot on it while you're pitching so you don't get closer to the batter.

Do you have to pitch if you toe the rubber?

"Toe the rubber" is not an official baseball term, so I'm going to guess that you're using this term to mean when the pitcher assumes the windup position. If so, the answer to your question is "No." Once the pitcher assumes the windup position (or the set position), he/she has three options: 1) pitch; 2) throw to a base (in an attempt to pick off a runner); 3) step off the pitcher's plate (rubber). Rule 8.01 covers this and is quoted in the Discussion section for this question.

Is it a balk if on pick-off attempt at second base the pitcher throws to the shortstop in normal stationary position and not to the base?

If the pitcher throws directly from the rubber to the shortstop, it is a balk. However, if the pitcher first steps back off the rubber, he can throw anywhere.

Where do measure from to get the correct distance from home plate to the pitcher's moind in collge softball?

From the apex of home to the front edge of the pitching rubber.