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If the ball was caught by a legal receiver, it's called a reception and the player starts running downfield as fast as his legs can carry him. If it was caught by any lineman but an end, it's a foul.

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Q: When a offense player catches a ball in football?
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If in football a player catches the ball in his shirt is this allowed?


When a defensive player catches a ball in football?

Interception interception

In football can a runningback intersept?

No. An interception occurs when a player on the defense catches a ball that the quarterback or another player behind the line of scrimage throws. Since the Runingback is on the offense, any catches he makes is considered a reception, not an interception.

What are passing yards in football?

When a quarterback throws to an receiver or anyone on offense eligible on then the yards thrown from where the ball was placed and the offense player catches and extends the play until he Is tackled out of bounds or scores

What player catches the ball and passes it to another player in football?

It's called a fleaflicker.

What is offense football?

Football Offense is the QB, RB and, FB ..ect... The people that make the touchdowns and gain yards ..ect......

What does interception mean?

the point at which a given line cuts a coordinate axis; the value of the coordinate at that point.

What is a football running back?

A running back is the player on the offense of a football team who is usually running the ball.

Is intercept a football word?

Yes, an interception occurs when a defensive player catches a ball thrown by the quarterback.

What does offence mean in football?

In football, the offense is the team in control of the ball moving it toward the opponents goal and attempting to score. There are many different types of football, but in all of them, the offense is the team with the ball trying to score. The defense is: First, the team trying to keep the offense from scoring; And Second, the team trying to get the ball away from the offense. In American and Canadian Football, the offense starts each play with a center snap. the center passes the ball through his legs to a player in the backfield. In British Rugby, the player starts a play by throwing the ball to a player behind him. In European Football (Soccer) Offense and Defense change constantly. A team keeps trying to move the ball down the field and keep a defender from getting it. In basketball, offense and defense also constantly change.

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