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Q: When a curve ball is thrown air speed and pressure react according to what?
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Why do people react differently to thrown objects?

Some of us have practiced catching thrown objects, and some of us have not.

How the atoms react in air pressure?

'atoms' cannot 'react' to air pressure for air pressure is generated from atoms (oxygen, noble gasses, water).

These react to position and pressure?


Heavy Metal waste can not be thrown down the sink why?

They stay in pipping and can react when mixed with water.

What materials are in LCD?

glass and liquid crystals that react to pressure

Does magnesium react with chlorine?

Yes. At standard temperature and pressure, magnesium in contact with chlorine will react to form magnesium chloride.

How did the native Americans react to pressure to go to reservations?

dont now

What can you observe when Sodium and Chlorine react?

Naturally, Sodium is a metal (solid) and chlorine is a gas, so they only react at high temperatures or pressure. When they do react, they form crystals (sodium chloride).

What affects fluid pressure?

Fluid can react, but it shall never give dem in

How can a ball thrown vertically have the same time flight as a ball thrown at an angle when they have the same maximum height?

They might seem like they have the same flight patterns, but they don't. A 12-6 curveball thrown by an over-hander will go from 12 to 6, but if the same is thrown by a 3/4 or side-armer, the ball will react a little more like a slider.

According to the activity series which will aluminum react with?


How should the state react the violation of law?

The state should react according to their jurisdiction in comprehension of the violations of law