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The employee works for the daughter company.

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Q: When a company has a parent company does the employee work for the parent company?
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Who is the parent company for Winco Foods?

It is an employee owned company, there is no parent company.

Who is Walgreen's parent company?

There is no parent company. I am an employee at Walgreens Corporate and I can tell you there is no company above Walgreens.

Can an employer request an employee to provide a letter from a hospital concerning the admitting of a parent?

yes, if the employee indicated having missed work to visit a parent in the hospital.

What do you call a person who work in company?

an "employee"

Do you tell your boss that a employee is stealing?

Yes you have to, that employee should not be welcome to work at the company

How do you determine the number of employee for a company?

it is required about how many employees work in a company

If an employee leaves a company to work for a competitor what types of knowledge would be ethical for the employee to share with a new employee?

experience he gain form other company not a secret information.

What happens if an employee is unable to adapt to company's culture?

If an employee is unable to adapt to a company's culture, the employee usually feels unhappy at work and often moves to other employment.

Why an employee leave there job?

When a Manager behave with the employees as machine, when he takes the work forcefully to reach the targets then employee feels as misbehave, and he has to leave the company. In fact he leaves the manager not the company. When manager can not promote an employee, asks to follow the rules very rudely, can not manage for the progress of an employee then the employee feels his future in dark, and the result is that he has to leave the company. If he could not leave the company then he will work as a machine and loses his efficiency of work that may harm the organization.

What is the difference between Personnel and employee?

A personnel is the people who work for an employer, and an employee is someone who is paid to work for a person, organization, or company

What does lack of work mean?

"Due to lack of work" means that the company did not have any work for the employee to do.

Can employee pay be bankrupted in a bankruptsy?

Yes, because the company that they work for and the employee are 2 different inities

How does an employee stock ownership plan work?

An employee stock ownership plan works by making employees of a particular company owners of stock in that company. It is part of the benefit plan of that company and also allows the employee to borrow money against it.

What is the difference between independant contractor and employee?

An independent contractor is someone who works for themselves not a company. They can work for someone else but not be employed by them. An employee is employed by a company.

What is the Difference between independent contractor and employee?

An independent contractor is someone who works for themselves not a company. They can work for someone else but not be employed by them. An employee is employed by a company.

If an employee is on his way to work and driving a company car and has an accident and is at fault is the employer liable What if the employee is DUI?

The employee, driving a company car, intoxicated and on the way to work!! This has to be the most ... ... ... The employee will be terminated no doubt, and will be charge with causing the accident, and will face a possible lawsuit by the other party. In this case, the company insurance carrier will NOT pay out a dime. Negligence on the part of an employee is not usually covered in anybody's insurance policy.

Who is the parent company of Graphviz?

C and Graphviz is actually the parent company of Graphviz. They continue to work on graphing layouts in their company. Their last noted information is dated May 29, 2013.

Who is the parent company of Apple?

Apple does not have a parent company. It is a parent company, which is a large company that owns smaller companies.

What does the Infotronics company offer?

The 'Infotronics company' offers other companies a way of tracking employee attendance at work, and can also tell you how much the employee has been paid for these hours.

In the United States can one company be an employee of another company?

Only humans can be employees. The employees of a subsidiary company are also the employees of the parent company, unless the subsidiary is unusually and intentionally independent.

Why does employee stay long with a company?

- comfortable with environment/colleagues/work system

What is employee can do for his company?

Employees are expected to carry out their work in the way that has regard to the safety of others. Employee should understand the work allotted & determine if it is appropriate for him.Employee should should participate in organisations of company.

What is a former employee?

A former employee is a person who used to work for the company but no longer do. This includes those that were let go or that quit on their own.

How does employee affect the business environment?

I could say that the employees are the building blocks of the company. They do the dirty work and they make possible the work and profits of the company. So if the employee force is not good or not well compensated then there is lesser work done and the people may become overworked.

Does a company have to pay an hourly employee for time lost when tending to a parent's needs?

No, an employer does not have to pay employees for the time they spend tending to a parent's needs. The employees parents are not the responsibility of the employer.