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The force from when the person throws it acts on it in the air. The ball is also affected by gravity but the force from the person throwing it is so much that the ball can overcome gravity until the force runs out and it falls back to the ground.

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gravity, momentum, wind, air friction, spin. that's all i can think of.

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Q: When a Soccer ball is in flight what forces are acting on it?
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Why does a soccer ball turn?

A soccer ball will turn or bend in flight because of aerodynamics.

Newtons third law describes the forces between two colliding objects use the connection to explain the forces acting when you kick a soccer ball?

for every action there is a reaction so this is the force.

Are the forces of kicking a soccer ball balanced or unbalanced?

In 3-5 sentences, summarize the balanced forces that are present when a soccer ball is resting on the ground, and the unbalanced forces that are present when a soccer ball is kicked and moves through the air or rolls on the ground

When a ball is at rest all the forces acting on it are?


When a ball is at restall the forces acting on it are?

Either there are none, or if there are any, then the whole group of forces is balanced.

What force act upon a glider in flight?

In flight, a glider is primarily affected by lift force, which is generated by the airflow over its wings. Gravity also acts on the glider, providing weight, which is opposed by the lift force. Drag, created by air resistance, also affects the glider by slowing it down.

What is the acceleration during flight of a soccer ball if headed straight up?


Which material caused the forces acting on the straw and clay ball to change?


What are some balanced forces in soccer?

When the wind is circling the ball and creating a balanced force

What are the different forces acting on the ball while it’s in the air?

Gravity, force, and acceleration.

What is the net forces in soccer?

There are many forces at work during a game of soccer. Some of them inlude:The force of gravity on the playersThe force of gravity on the soccer ballThe force of friction between the soccer ball and the groundThe force of friction between the soccer ball and the airThe force of the players' feet when they kcik the ballThe force of the goalie's body blocking a goalThe force of the net stopping the ball after a goal is scoredIt should be noted that calculating net forces requires vector algebra.

What are the physics of throwing in a soccerball?

When throwing a soccer ball, the physics involved include generating angular momentum by rotating the body, transferring this momentum to the ball through the arm motion, and releasing the ball with the desired velocity and trajectory. The force applied determines the speed and direction of the throw, while factors like the angle of release and air resistance influence the ball's flight path.