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1983 in England

and 2007 when they won the first ever T20 World cup

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India won its first ODI Cricket Match against East Africa in 1975 World Cup.

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Q: When India won the first ODI Cricket Match?
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Who will the black caps be playing in the quarter finals?

The New Zealand cricket team the Black Caps are hosting two cricket teams this season - India and Bangladesh. India will first arrive in New Zealand for a five-match Twenty20 series followed by a three-match ODI series. Bangladesh will then arrive in New Zealand for a three-match ODI series. India: Five-match T20 series and three-match ODI series Bangladesh: Three-match ODI series

Where did the first ODI match was played in India?

The first ODI match in India was played at Ahmedabad at Sardar Patel Stadium.

When did India play its 1st one day international cricket match in India?

In 1974,India played its first ODI against England in captaincy of Ajit Vadekar

How many match in cricket?

3265 international ODI cricket matches have been played since the 1970s (the year of first ODI)

When India play his first odi match?

In 1971

Where India play its first odi match?


Where did the 1st ODI match was played in India?

Where did the 1st ODI match was played in India?

Who hit the first hundred in odi cricket from India?

Kapil Dev

Who hit first century in ODI cricket for India?

Lala Amarnath

When did India play its first cricket match?

Australia and England at the MCG in March 1877.

Who made the first century in One Day Cricket for India?

Kapil Dev scored first Century in ODI for India. His score of 175* against Zimbabwe in 1983 Cricket World Cup is the first century by an Indian in ODI.

When did play 1st ODI cricket match?

First Women's Cricket World Cup was held in 1973 in England.