When Did Maria Tutaia Start Netball?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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wheen she was 8 years old

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Q: When Did Maria Tutaia Start Netball?
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How many kids does maria tutaia have?

Maria Tutaia does not have any children. Maria Tutaia is from New Zealand and plays international netball. Netball is derived from basketball.

How long has Maria Tutaia played netball for?

Maria Tutaia has played netball since primary school, in Blockhouse Bay.

Which Primary was she in when she started playing netball-maria Tutaia?

maria tutaia was in chaucer school when she first started playing netball

Is Maria Tutaia married?

Maria Tutaia is a famous netball player from New Zealand. Maria Tutaia has not been married but she is dating Ken Petia.

What are Maria Tutaia sporting achievements?

netball was a biggy

Why did maria tutaia decide to play netball?

Maybe because she was inspired by another netball star.

Who out of the netball silver fern players can shoot the hightest?

maria Tutaia

When did maria tutaia become famous?

She is famous for being a netball player

Where did maria tutaia come from?

Maria Tutaia was born in Tokoroa, New Zealand on February 18, 1987. She is an international netball player for New Zealand.

How old was Maria Tutaia when she started playing netball for the Silver Ferns?


How old was maria tutaia when she started playing netball?

She was 8 years old.

What position does maria tutaia play in netball?

goal attack and goal shooter