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Q: Whats the name for something that holds archery arrows?
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What is an arrow holder in archery?

an arrow holder is either the rest on your bow where the arrow sits or a quiver that holds the exta arrows.

Which item of archery equipment has a name that means to shake or tremble?

The quiver holds arrows. Quiver also means "to shake or tremble."

What does a archor do?

Anchor? holds something in place. Archer? uses a bow and arrows.

What does an archer carry his arrows in?

The archer's Quiver holds the arrows.

What is the container that holds arrows called?


How is science related to archery?

Archery, the discipline of firing arrows with a bow, is based on science, as are most things in the world. Science has been used to improve the flex of bows, the measure, analyse and improve the flight of arrows and to increase the amount of energy transferred into the arrow as it is launched. Science is also used to study and improve the way an archer moves and holds the bow and arrow during the release of the arrow and so develops greater accuracy with each shot.

What is the name for the container that holds the arrows?

a quiver

What do you call the thing that holds arrows?

the quiver

What is a case that holds arrows called?


What holds a bow and arrow on your back?

A quiver holds the arrows, while a strap attached to the quiver holds the bow.

What do they wear in archery?

An arm guard to protect there arm that holds the bow from the strings lash.

What is the name of the bag that holds arrows and straps on your back?

Archers carry a container called a quiver on their backs to keep their arrows within arm's reach.

Why is the bird hold 13 arrows in the seal?

The eagle in the Seal of the United States of America holds 13 arrows representing the original 13 colonies and how they were forged out of war.

Whats the purpose of which chewing gum holds its flavor the best?

science fair which chewing gum holds its best flavor

Whats the name of the hook that holds the hood close?

The hood latch

What do you call a box which holds arrow?

An arrow box! You can also store arrows in a quiver that attaches to you bow or is to your belt.

How do you get the 50 quiver in the Legend of Zelda ocarina of time?

In Gerudo's Fortress, look for the Horseback Archery Range. Call Epona and talk to the woman while on Epona. She will offer you to play the archery game. Smash all the pots (100 points each) and try and shoot all bulls eyes on the targets (100 points for a bulls-eye and the other not so good hits vary in accuracy). Get above 1000 points and you get a heart piece. Get above 1500 (3 words, practice makes perfect) and you get the last upgrade to arrows the largest quiver which holds 50 arrows!

The eagle on your national seal holds an olive bruch in one claw 13 of what in the other?

arrows see

Why does the US Eagle hold arrows?

The U.S. Eagle holds arrows in one claw - to show strength and readiness to defend the U.S. from outside invasion. It shows olive branches in the other claw to indicate its peaceful intent, when not threatened.

What is a group of arrows called?

A group of arrows is referred to as a "set" of arrows. Sets of arrows are usually sold by the dozen (12), but sometimes are sold by the half-dozen (6). Sometimes a set of arrows is called a quiver (the same name as the container that holds the arrows). Another name for a "quiver" of arrows is a "sheaf" of arrows, especially when referring to large numbers of (more than one dozen) arrows. In Mediaeval times (i.e., the "Middle Ages"), particularly during the Hundred Years' War between England and France (A.D. 1336-1453), military archers would carry bundles, or "sheafs", of arrows, consisting of twenty-four (24) arrows per sheaf. Because of the huge numbers of arrows needed for each battle, those arrows were made as inexpensively and as quickly as possible; as with any mass-produced commodity, the quality of the item(s) produced tends to suffer. It is believed by some that today's cheap, lower-quality mass-produced arrows should also be called "sheaf" arrows, to help differentiate them from higher-quality custom-made arrows (but that is, after all, a matter of opinion).

Something that holds a thief's hands?


What is constrains?

Something that holds you back.

Something a knight holds in his hand for protection?

A Sheild.

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starts with ha

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Something that holds straws