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team captians are formed on every team

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Q: Whats the formed for every football team?
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When was Clemson Tigers football created?

The Clemson Tigers football team was formed around 1986. This team was formed at Clemson University in South Carolina. This is a college football team.

When was the football team France formed?


When was Scotland's football team formed?


Whats the most famous Italian football team?

the sea hawks

Whats an England cap?

when you get picked for an England football team game.

When was the England national football team formed?

it was formed on the 13th march 1870

When was the Brazilian football team formed?

it is not carlos dunga

When was West Ham football team formed?


When did Slovakia soccer team begin?

The national football team of Slovakia was formed in 1933.

What football team did nelson Mandela support?

Orlando Pirates Football Club, Formed in 1937.

When was the Ipswich Town football club formed?

The Ipswich Town Football Club located in Ipswich, Suffolk is an English professional football team. It was formed in 1878 and joined the Football League in 1938.

What football team does Sarah Jane Smith belong to?

Yo momma's, whats up Kefer?