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Women's clubs are typically one inch shorter

They often have softer shafts

They often are a different color.

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Q: Whats the difference between men's and women's golf clubs?
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Whats the Quality difference wooden golf clubs iron golf clubs?

Metal Clubs Tend To Be More Durable And Get More Distance In Most Cases.

Do tall women use men's golf clubs?

Yes, tall women can use mens golf clubs. But length is not the only difference between men's clubs and women's clubs. Womens' clubs are a lot lighter, and have more flexible shafts, this because women have slower swing speeds, so the shafts help the ball get in the air easier.

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What is the difference between a ladies shaft and a seniors shaft on golf clubs?

There is not a lot of difference . . . only in the name.

Difference between mens golf clubs and junior clubs?

The difference between the men's golf clubs and junior golf clubs is the age bracket that the golf clubs are used by players. Junior golf clubs are used by young players typically aged from 7 to 16 years old while men's golf clubs are used by adult players from 18 years old and above. These golf clubs come in different sizes and material to fit players properly.

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What is the real difference between right and left handed golf clubs?

The only difference in the right versus left handed clubs is which way the head of the club faces. Many golf specialists agree that you should always try right handed clubs first! Even if you are left handed, you may not need left handed clubs.

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