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its either called I'll do anything or I'd do anything...but if you're talking about the one where he comes out with Jimmy Wang Yang...then I don't know the name to that one...

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Q: Whats shannon moores theme song called?
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Whats hhh theme song called?

the game

What is Shannon Moore's Entrance theme?

his entrance song is called ill do anything by peroxwhy?gen

What is Wwe's Shannon Moore theme song?

It is called I'd do anything. Its a production track he takes credit for.

If you had a theme song what would it be why?

I would have Shannon Moores music because i like the song (I'll do anything) I would have who i am hates who I've been by reliant k because i think this song relates to every one- we've all been someone ugly

What's Shannon Moore's theme song for 2008?

I'll do anything by Shannon Moore

Whats the name of rob and bigs theme song?

It's called "Best Friend", by Harry Nilsson

Whats the name of WWE diva maria entrance theme?

Its by Zebrahead. The Song is called "With Legs Like That."

What is shannon moore's theme song?

I'll Do ANything

What is the theme for this year?

whats the theme fr this year celebraton

Who made the Tails Doll's theme song?

Actually The Theme was Made by sonic company for the game which the had serious thoughts about recalling for whats called a ghost bug

What is shannon moore's tna theme?

He has an TNA theme song but it is just a beat there are no lyrics or a title

Shannon Moore tna 2010 theme lyrics?

It was tattoos