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I don't think they won a Super Bowl while Marino was with the Dolphins.

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Q: What years did the Miami Dolphins win a Super Bowl with dan marino?
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How long has Dan Marino been a quarterback?

17 years with the Miami Dolphins

How many years has Dan Marino played football?

Dan Marino's career lasted 17 years, from 1983-1999, all with the Miami Dolphins.

Ben roetlisberger will be the second youngest quartback to starty in a super bowlwho is the youngest?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, that is Dan Marino who was 23 years, 127 days old when he started for the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XIX.

Who is the youngest quarterback to start a Super Bowl?

As of Super Bowl XLV:Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins was the youngest to start a Super Bowl. He was 23 years, 4 months, 5 days old when he started for the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XIX.The youngest to start and win a Super Bowl was Ben Roethlisberger. He was 23 years, 11 months, and 3 days old when he started for the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XL.

What years did Miami Dolphins appear in the Super Bowl?

In 1987, 1967, 1949, 1948

How many years did Dan Marino play for the Dolphins?

Dan Marino played 17 seasons for the Dolphins (1983-1999).

How many years have Miami Dolphins been playing?

The Miami Dolphins have been playing for 63 years.

How many years has Dan Marino been famous?

Dan Marino played college ball at the University of Pittsburgh between 1979-1982 and played professional football for the Miami Dolphins between 1983-1999.

How many years did Dan Marino in the NFL?

17, all with the Dolphins.

What years did the Miami Dolphins win a championship?


Who was the starting center for Dan Marino during most of his years as a Miami Dolphin?

Four players actually lined up at center during Dan Marino's 17-season career (1983-99) with the Miami Dolphins. Hall-of-Famer Dwight Stephenson handled the duties during the early portion of Marino's career (1983-87). Versatile Jeff Dellenbach, who played all over the offensive line during his ten seasons (1985-94) with Miami, spent much of his playing time at center. Jeff Uhlenhake was the Dolphins' starting snapper for five seasons (1989-93), and Tim Ruddy (with Dolphins from 1994-2003) was the starter for the final years of Marino's career (1995-99).

What years did the Miami Dolphins go to the Super Bowl?

The Miami Dolphins have played in five Super Bowls: Super Bowl VI - lost to Dallas, 24-3 Super Bowl VII - beat Washington, 14-7 Super Bowl VIII - beat Minnesota, 24-7 Super Bowl XVII - lost to Washington, 27-17 Super Bowl XIX - lost to San Francisco, 38-16

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