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Q: What years did the 49er's win the NFC championship?
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Will the Giants win the NFC Championship Game?

No, the 49ers will win 27-19

If you win the NFC championship game where can you go?

if you win the championship game for the NFC, you go to the super bowl vs. the AFC champion

How do teams get to the Super Bowl?

Any AFC team, has to win the AFC Championship game, and any NFC team, has to win the NFC Championship!!

Who will win the NFC championship?


What was the first scoring play in the 1994 NFC Championship game?

The first scoring play in the NFC Championship game played January 23, 1994 between the Cowboys and the 49ers was a five yard TD run by Emmitt Smith. The Cowboys went on to win the game 38-21.

Did the Atlanta Falcons ever win a AFC championship ring?

No they can't. The Atlanta Falcons are a NFC team and won the NFC championship in 1998.

Who did the packers play in the 1996 NFC championship?

The Packers defeated the Carolina Panthers, 30-13, to win the NFC Championship for the 1996 season.

Will the Vikings win the AFC Championship game?

No. Because they are on NFC not AFC!

Which Super Bowl did the 49ers win their first championship?

Superbowl 16

How many NFC championships have 49er's won?

The San Francisco 49ers have won 18 NFC division titles as of 2014. Their first win was in 1970, their last was in 2011.

Which years did the Atlanta Falcons win the NFC South championship?

The Atlanta Falcons won the NFC South in 2004, 2010 and 2012.In 1980 and 1998, they were the NFC West champions.

Will the Packers beat the Bears in the NFC championship game?

Yes and the pack will win the Superbowl.

Which super bowl did the sans francisco 49ers win their first championship?


Which Super Bowl did the San Francisco 49ers win their 1st championship?


Was the bears packers NFC championship game coin toss heads or tails?

Tails !! I win !!

Who will win in the NFC and AFC championship games to go to the 2009 super bowl in Tampa?

ravens, and eagles

How many times have the Atlanta Falcons played in the NFC Championship game?

Since their establishment in Atlanta in 1966, the Atlanta Falcons have played in 3 NFC Championship games. 1- WIN @ Minnesota Vikings in 1998 30-27 (OT) 2- LOSS @ Philidelphia Eagles in 2004 27-10 3- LOSS vs. San Francisco 49ers in 2012 28-24

What year did the Minnesota Vikings win the AFC championship game?

They have never played in the AFC - they are an NFC team. They have won the NFC Title game in 1969, 1973, 1974, and 1976.

What year did the 49ers play the Cowboys in the Super Bowl?

The 49ers and the Cowboys have never met in the Super Bowl. You might be thinking of the legendary NFC Championship game played on January 10, 1982, when the 49er's Dwight Clark made "The Catch" for a last-minute 28-27 win over the Cowboys and a trip to Super Bowl XVI.

Who is bound to win cardinals or eagles?

cardinals 2008 NFC championship game - Cardinals 32, Eagles 25

Will the Vikings win the 2010 Super Bowl?

No...they were beaten by the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Conference championship game.

Who do the 49ers play next year?

The 49ers will play their division rivals (Seattle, St. Louis, Arizona) twice. They will play the NFC South (Carolina, Atlanta, New Orleans, Tampa Bay) They will play the AFC South (Indianapolis, Tennessee, Houston, Jacksonville) They will play the NFC East and NFC North teams that match the Niners finishing position in their division - i.e. if the Niners win the NFC West they play the NFC East and NFC North division champs.

What was the first team to win five Superbowl Championships?

San Francisco 49ers was the first team to win 5 super bowl championship

Which super bowl did the San Francisco 49ers win the first championship?

Super Bowl XVI (16)

Which super bowl did the San Francisco 49ers win first championship?

1981 (Super bowl 16)