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Nokona put out the Cal Abrams model G50 Baseball glove in the early 1950s.

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Q: What years did Cal Abrams have a baseball glove made in his name?
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What is the baseball glove made of?


Does a softball glove need to be oiled?

Sure. A softball glove is made of the same materials that a baseball glove is made of (high grade leather). They need time to be broken in. Oiling the glove will help with this process.

What country was where the baseball glove was first made?

As baseball was developed in the United States, so was the equipment used. The first recorded instance of any player using a baseball glove was in Cincinnati in 1869, when Red Stockings player Doug Allison had a glove made for him by a local saddle maker. Some equipment such as catchers shinguards were modeled after a cricketer's leg pads but, the baseball glove, USA made.

What year was the hutch Cincinnati magnet 44x baseball glove made?


Where can you buy a pro rv23 customized glove?

Only available through Rawlings' Pro Dept.

What brand of baseball glove was Willie Mays wearing when he made the famous over the shoulder catch?

Rawlings HH model or Harvey Haddix. The glove now resides in the Baseball HOF.

When was a suede used to make a baseball?

suede is not used to make baseball gloves. Suede is heavy and too high in tensile strength. Shane Victorino has a suede glove made by Akadema a few years back.

What is a baseball glove made from?

Leather. Usually calfskin. It's softer and more flexible.

How a Baseball Glove is made?

Akadema Inc. and Nokona only glove manufacturers in the USA. The art of making a baseball gloves is extemely difficult. I suggest contacting one of the companies if you are curious.

What is the oldest baseball glove?

This is some discrepancy over who invented the first baseball glove. However, Rawlings sports manufacturing company is the first recorded manufacturer of the baseball glove and does hold the patent on this first glove.

What is the most expensive youth baseball glove?

rawlings primo $449 made of Italian leather

What are baseball gloves made of?

Making a baseball glove is the hardest thing in the world to make out of leather. The average glove takes approx 3hrs to produce. See video from Akadema on how gloves are made.