What year will the next summer games be held in and were?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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I can answer your first question, the next summer Olympics will be in 2012.

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Q: What year will the next summer games be held in and were?
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Where will the next summer games held and what year?

in London in 2012

What is the next Olympic year?

The next olympic year is 2012, when the Olynpic Games will be held in London, and be the Summer games.

Where is the next Summer Olympic Games to be held and when?

The next Olympics is going to be held in London in the year of 2012!

What years do they have summer olympic games?

Every 4 years. The next year the summer games will be held will be 2012.

Where will the 2010 Summer Games be held?

there will be no Summer Olympics in 2010, the Winter Olympics were held this year. the next Summer Olympics will be in 2012, in London, England.

How many years is the summer Olympics held?

On even numbered years, at four year intervals. The next summer Olympic games will be held in the year 2012.

Where will the winter Olympics be held in 2008?

The winter Olympics are no longer held in the same year as the summer games. The next winter games will be in 2010 and held in Vermount.

What year was the sydney Olympic games held in?

The Summer Games of Sydney were held in 2000.

In what year did the Olympic committee decide to alternate the winter and summer games from being held the same year to having an Olympic games every 2 years?

The Winter Olympics changed in 1994 to the current 4 year cycle. Previously the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics where held in the same year, but in 1986 the IOC voted to change it so they were held two years apart on a four year cycle. The reasons behind this are numerous, but organisational and economic concerns played a significant part in the decision.

When and where will the next Olympic Games be held in 2019?

There won't be any Olympic Games held in the year 2019. The reason behind this is because both the summer and winter games are held every 4 years. This means they only follow even numbered years. So, a year that ends in an odd number will never see an Olympic Games. Last Summer Games: Beijing, China 2008 Last Winter Games: Turin, Italy 2006 Next Summer Games: London, England 2012 Next Winter Games: Vancouver, Canada 2010

What happend to the summer and winter olympic games after the year 1992?

1992 was the final year that both the Winter Games and Summer Games were held in the same year. Now, the Winter Games and Summer Games are held two years apart from each other.

Where will the next World Cup finals be held and when?

The next world cup will be held in Brazil in the year 2014, in the summer.