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Q: What year were women officially accepted to the Boston marathon?
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Who won the Boston Marathon in 2013?

Lelisa Desisa Benti was the men's winner of the Boston Marathon, with Rita Jeptoo winning the women's division.

Who was the first person to run a marathon?

The First perso to ever run a marathon was actually a women named "Kathrine Switzer". It was in the years of 1967 in Boston

You require a list of times for women over 5 hrs for 1983 London marathon?

Finishers after 5 hours for the London Marathon were not officially scored in 1983. Therefore times are not available.

When was Yokohama Women's Marathon created?

Yokohama Women's Marathon was created in 2009.

Who was the first women's Olympic marathon?

Who was the first women olypic marathon runner

When was Tokyo International Women's Marathon created?

Tokyo International Women's Marathon was created in 1979.

When did Tokyo International Women's Marathon end?

Tokyo International Women's Marathon ended in 2008.

Can there be more than one winner at the Boston Marathon?

There is a male and a female winner; there are also winners in the men's and women's wheelchair fields.

How long is the womens marathon in running?

The Women's marathon lasted aleast 42 kilometres The Women's marathon lasted atleast 42 kilometres

What do they mean by qualification times to enter the Boston Marathon?

You are able to enter most marathons by paying an entry fee. However, the Boston Marathon is considered to be a marathon for elite runners who need to have run a prior marathon within a certain time in order to be able to run the Boston Marathon. Qualification times are determined by gender and age. You also need to have run a prior marathon within a certain time period - usually within 18 months prior to the Boston marathon. The marathon that is used to qualify you for Boston also needs to be on a approved course. The qualification times are below:18-34 - Men - 3 hrs, 10 mins; Women - 3 hrs, 40 mins35-39 - Men - 3 hrs, 15 mins; Women - 3 hrs, 45 mins40-44 - Men - 3 hrs, 20 mins; Women - 3 hrs, 50 mins45-49 - Men - 3 hrs, 30 mins; Women - 4 hrs50-54 - Men - 3 hrs, 35 mins; Women - 4 hrs, 5 mins55-59 - Men - 3 hrs, 45 mins; Women - 4 hrs, 15 mins60-64 - Men - 4 hrs; Women - 4 hrs, 30 mins65-69 - Men - 4 hrs, 15 mins; Women - 4 hrs, 45 mins70-74 - Men - 4 hrs, 30 mins; Women - 5 hrs75-79 - Men - 4 hrs, 45 mins; Women - 5 hrs, 15 mins80+ - Men - 5 hrs; Women - 5 hrs, 30 minsYou don't have to run your best marathon at Boston, but you have to run your best marathon in order to get there! Good luck!

What are the qualifying times for the Boston marathon?

Yes there are qualifying times for the Boston Marathon. The required qualifying times are based on the runners age and gender. The highest qualifying time is is for the age group of 18-34. The qualifying time for men is 3hrs 05min 00sec and the time for women is 3hrs 35min 00sec. On the website listed below, there is a chart describing the qualifying times.

What date is the 2012 Olympic marathon?

Women's marathon is August 5th, 2012 Men's marathon is August 12th, 2012

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