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That was the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.

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Q: What year was trampoline first competed in the Olympics?
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What was the first year America competed in the Olympics?

America first competed in the Modern Olympics at the 1896 Games in Athens.

First year women competed in Olympics?

Women competed at the Olympic Games for the first time at the 1900 Paris Olympics.

What is the first year cuba competed in the Olympics?


What was the first year the US competed in the Olympics?


What year was the first year Hungary competed in the Olympics?

jyo mama

What was first year Canada competed in the Olympics?

The 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris were the first Olympics at which a Canadian athlete participated.

When did Finland first compete at the Olympics?

Finland was first invited to join the Olympics year 1896, but it didn't join. First time Finland competed at the Olympics in the year 1906.

Is this the first year that the country of Palestine has been entered in the Olympics?

No. Palestine first competed in 1996.

Year women first competed in WINTER Olympics?

1924 (the first one)

What was the first year Papua new guinea competed at the Olympics?

1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal.

In which year did Nigeria join the Olympics?

Nigeria first competed in the Olympics at the 1952 Summer Games in Helsinki.

How many times has Quatar competed in the Olympics?

Qatar has competed in the Olympic games 8 times. The first year they competed in the Olympic Games was 1984, and they have participated in every one since then.

What year has Tom Daley dive?

Tom first competed in the Olympics during 2008 when he was 14.

What year did Spain start to compete in the Olympics?

Spain first competed at the 1900 Summer Games in Paris.

What year did Dorothy Hamill compete in the Olympics?

Dorothy Hamill competed in the Olympics in 1976.

How many people competed in ancient greek Olympics?

There were usually 130 people who competed each year.

What year was the first woman able to compete in the Olympics?

The first time that women were allowed to compete in the Olympics was in 1900, at the Paris games. There were a total of 975 men and 22 women athletes at the Olympics that year. The women competed in tennis, sailing, croquet, equestrianism and golf.

What year did japan first compete in the summer Olympics?

Japan first sent athletes to the Summer Olympics in 1912 (Stockholm). Two Japanese athletes competed in athletics. Neither won a medal.

What year did team handball become an Olympic sport?

Men first played handball at the 1936 Games in Berlin. The event was then removed from the Olympics until the 1972 Games in Munich and has been competed in every Olympics since. Women first played handball at the 1976 Games in Montreal and the event has been competed in every Olympics since.

What was the first year Tuvalu competed in the Olympics?

The 2008 Games in Beijing was the first for Tuvalu. They sent three athletes to compete in athletics and weightlifting. They won no medals.

On what day were the first Olympics held?

As far as the ancient Olympics, that information is not known although historians agree that the year was 776 BC. As far as the modern Olympics, that was April 6, 1896. The first event competed was a preliminary heat in the 100 meter dash.

How many athletes from Thailand competed in the Beijing 2008 Olympics?

There are 51 Thai athletes participating in this year's olympics.

In what year did Australia and New Zealand compete separately at the Olympics?

That was the 1920 Games in Antwerp when Australia and New Zealand first competed as separate nations.

When was the first year women was allowed to compete in the Olympics?

Women first competed in the Olympic Games in 1900. Charlotte Cooper became the first female Olympic Champion. She won the tennis singles.

In what years do summer Olympics occur?

Summer Olympics occur in leap years. If the month of February has 29 days in the year, the Summer Olympics is scheduled to be competed.