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Q: What year was the most recent NBA title for the Spurs?
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Who was the most recent catcher to win a batting title in the National League?

That would Buster Posey, who won the title in 2012, last year. Before then, it's a long gap -- the most recent before Posey was Ernie Lombardi, who won the batting title in 1942.

What team has the most wins in NBA after the Spurs this year?


What was the most recent year the oilers won the Stanley cup?

The most recent year was in 1990.

What year did Liverpool win their 5th champions league?

Liverpool's most recent, fifth, Champions League title came in the 2005 competition.

Name the most recent year in which New Year's preceded Christmas?

The most recent year in which New Year's preceded Christmas was 2014. New Year's was in January and Christ mas is in December.

What calendar year is the same as 1998?

As of the date of writing, the most recent calendar year identical to 1998 is the current year 2015, the second most recent was 2009 - six year ago.

What years are the year of the tiger?

The most recent is 1998

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Most recent non-leap year that was divisible by 4?

The most recent non-leap year that was divisible by 4 was in the year 1900. The next one will be the year 2100.

What year in the past will match 2013?

The most recent is 2002.

What age do roosters get spurs?

even when the rooster is a chick it will have little bumps on the leg where the spurs will grow, my rooster is about 1 year old and you can see his spurs already, the older the rooster the longer the spurs will be.

What year did the San Antonio spurs started?

The Spurs franchise actually started in Dallas as the Chaparrals in 1967, but moved to San Antonio and were renamed the Spurs in 1973.

What year was a leap year on?

The most recent leap year was 2008. The next ones are 2012 and 2016.

What is the most recent year where New Year's preceded Christmas?

Simple answer: Every single year, New Years precedes Christmas. So the most recent year was 2012, it can be and is 2012 because New Year's has already happened, while Christmas has not.

What year did the Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupt?

Its most recent eruption was in 2010.

What is the most recent non-leap year that was divisible by 4?


Most recent non leap year that was divisible by 4?


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A female platypus's spurs fall off within the first year of life. Males have poisonous spurs which are used in defence, or when they are threatened by predators.

What year were vampires most feared?

due to recent outbreaks in vampire attacks i would say 2013, most recent in iceland where a small child was slaughtered.

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Most recent Atlanta in 1996

Which year was the women's world cup held?

The most recent one was in 2011

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2004 and 2008. The next will be 2012 and 2016.

What year did the most recent amendment go into effect?

kayla nicole cuyler

When was Australia's most recent flood?

January 2011 (This year) in Eastern Australia

When was the last year that had 53 Sundays?

Not counting 2012, the most recent year with 53 Sundays was 2006.