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Q: What year was the last Americas cup?
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What year did Fremantle host the Americas Cup defence?

the year fremantle hosted the America's cup defence was 1987

Which year did NZ first win Americas cup?


In what year did Australia win the Americas Cup?

it was on 25 September 1983

In which year did the Americas Cup start and where?

i like juicy men by Adam Meclane

When was Americas Military Cup created?

Americas Military Cup was created in 2001.

What Australian yacht finally ended Americas 132 year dominance in the Americas Cup Race?

The year was 1983 and the boat was Australia II, the skipper was John Bertrand. The losing boat was Liberty, USA.

Which year did England last win the Football world cup in?

England last won the world cup in 1966

What year was the last womens world cup held?

The last world cup for ladies was held in China in 2007.

When did Liverpool last reach a cup final?

This year's fa cup final

In which year did Brazil last win the FIFA World Cup?

Brazil last won the world cup in Japan in 2002.

What year did Bolivia last play in the World Cup?

The last time that Bolivia reached the world cup was in 1994 in the U.S.A.

What year was the last world cup played?