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Q: What year was the first fine in baseball imposed?
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What is the fine for driving without your license?

A fine of no greater than $200 for first time offensesFor a second violation within one year of the first offense, a fine ranging from $25 to up to $200 is imposedA third conviction within one year of the second offense will result in a fine of up to $500, along with jail time of no less than 72 hours and no greater than 6 months (this applies to Texas. i am not sure about anywhere else)

What is consider a misdemeanor?

A misdemeanor is less serious than a felony and is punishable by fine or a term of imprisonment may be imposed, not to exceed one year in a city or county jail (rather than in a prison).

What was the first year of the all American girls professional baseball league?

the first year of the all american girls professional baseball league is in 1998

What year did Jackie Robinson start playing baseball?

His first year in major league baseball was 1947.

The first baseball ever made?

The first baseball ever made was made in the year of 1857. It was introduced at the first baseball convention which was held in New York City.

What year was the first wooden baseball bat made?

The first wooden baseball bat was made in the 1850's

What year was the first baseball World Series televised?

The first baseball World Series to be televised was the one in 1947

What was the first year baseball was played?


What year was baseball first played in japan?

Baseball was first introduced to Japan in 1872 by Horace Wilson. The first athletic club was formed in 1878.

Did baseball start in the year of 1907?

No. The first recorded baseball game in the US was in 1846. Click on the 'First Baseball Game' link on this page to read a little about it.

When did baseball become known as Major League Baseball?

The first major league in baseball was the National Association whose first year was 1871.

Who was first baseball rookie of the year?

Jackie Robinson.

What was year of the first baseball game?

late 1880s

Who was baseball's first lookie of the year?

Jackie Robinson

Is it okay to kiss someone in your first year of middle school?

yes it's perfectly fine

Who was the first baseball player to earn two million dollars a year?

Mike Schmidt was baseball's first 2 million dollar man, signing a 4-year contract after the 1983 season for $2.1 million per year.

What year was the Padres first season?

Their first year as a baseball team was in 1936 as a PCL minor league team. Their first year as a major league team was 1969

Who was the first black baseball player inducted into the baseball hall of fame?

Jackie Robinson, 1962. Also he was the first player ever to be inducted in his first year of eligibility

What year did the Mets play first baseball game?


What is the punishment for first offense domestic battery in West Virginia?

up to a year in jail and/or $500 fine

How much did Barry Bonds makes in his first year of baseball?

Barry Bonds made $60,000. in 1986, his first year with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

What is the average salary in Triple A baseball?

Class AAA--First year: $2,150/month, after first year no less than $2,150/month

Which brand issued the first baseball cards?

Tobacco companies used to make baseball cards.. But the first company to issue cards year after year was Topps when they released their first set in 1952.. Bowman had sets from 1950 through 1955 however

What was the first year for Major league baseball ball boys?


What year did the first black man play baseball professionally?