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The World Series was Cancelled in 1904, and 1994.

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Q: What year was the World Series cancelled?
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What was the year the World Series was cancelled due to a players strike?

The player's strike cancelled the World Series for the 1994 season.

What year was the World Series cancelled due to a players strike?


Why was the World Series cancelled in 1994?

the 1994 world series were cancelled because the players were on strike

In 1989 what sporting event was cancelled?

The world series that year was postponed due to an earthquake.

What year was it that the World Series game between the Giants and the As was cancelled because of an earthquake?

It happened in 1989.

Why was the world series in1994 cancelled?

there was a player strike

Who won the World Series in 1994?

The World Series in 1994 was cancelled, due to financial issues.

What was the year the Series was cancelled due to a players strike?

In 1994.

When was the World Series cancelled?

The first World Series was played in 1903. Since then, the World Series has been cancelled twice. In 1904, the New York Giants refused to play the Boston Americans due to the Giants belief that, without concrete rules concerning play and allocation of money, the Series was a sham. John Brush, owner of the Giants, drafted rules and regulations that were agreed to by both leagues and the Series was resumed the following year. In 1994, the Series was cancelled due to the player's strike.

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WhYes was the bleach series cancelled in Japan? figure it out

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What year were the Olympics cancelled due to world war 2?


Which year did the summer Olympics get cancelled?

The 1940 and 1944 Summer and Winter Olympics were cancelled due to World War II.

Is the series the game cancelled?


Has a World Series game ever been cancelled because of weather?

While numerous World Series games have been postponed by weather, by an earthquake (Game 3 in 1989), and by the 9-11 terrorist attacks (Game 1 in 2001), no Series game has ever been cancelled entirely.

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What year was the World Series canceled?

There was no World Series in 1904 and 1994.

In what year was ther no World Series?

Since the first World Series in 1903 the World Series was played every year except 1904, and 1994.

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