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It was made 1990 and was dark blue! Great urethane ball!

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Q: What year was the Ebonite nitro bowling ball?
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What is the most used golf ball on the pro tour?

Bowling balls used by the pros vary by the company sponsors must know company's are Storm Hammer Roto grip and Ebonite. now the pros use a 16lbs ball because that's the highest wight you can get the from there its whats they feel like and whats the best but its usually the high performance model's like roto grips Cell or hammers the sauces. Most major ball manufacturers sponsor a certain number of pro bowlers..(They are contracted to use these companies balls)..Also many independently sponsored or self sponsored bowlers may make some advertising revenue or get monetary support from the particular company whose ball the use. The manufacturer with the most varies from year to year depending on what ball/bowler is the hottest. # > AMF # > AZO # > Brunswick # > Lane 1 / Buzzsaw # > Columbia 300 # > Ebonite # > 900 Global # > Hammer # > Lane Master # > MoRich #> Motiv # > RotoGrip # > Storm # > Track # > VBP

What pound bowling ball should a eleven year old use?

Usually between 10-12 pounds, depending on the skill and strength.

What is the bowling speed for a 12 year old?

Doppler effect : we can measure the speed of ball Doppler principle .we transmit continuous pulse at ball at instant that echo reflect that change in trasmiting and receiving frequncy we can calculate the speed of ball.

When is there a disqualified 300 game in bowling?

If it is played on an unapproved lane or with an unapproved bowling ball. Years ago, a center had to close the lanes on which a 300 game was bowled so an inspector from the US Bowling Congress could test the oil patterns on each, and each ball you used had to be weighed. Now the lanes in each USBC-approved center are checked once per year, and all you need do is send in the model and serial number of your bowling balls.

What year is nitro boat with serial?


What year was bowling first introduced?

It was invented in the 1300's in England and Henry the 8th had a bowling green . He also played tennis and handball. Courts have been found at Hampton Court along with a ball he used. The English bowling may have originated in France since they have a similar game called boules.

What is the best bowling ball for a 15 year old to use?

It depends on how much weight you can throw easily. Also, it is important that your fingers and thumb fit easily in the ball and that the span is not too long nor too short.

What is the most popular weight bowling ball?

There is no one bowling ball that will make you good. Honestly you need a variety of balls that react differently and know what kind of conditions to use them on.Your best bet would be to get something current from Storm, Ebonite, Hammer, or Brunswick.

Why did they stop making the Dodge Nitro?

They didn't stop it, they rebadged it the new Jeep Liberty.

What years were the nitro huter shotgun singal shot 12g made.?

what year was the nitro hunter singal shot shotgun 12G made.

What year did bowling for soup become a band?

Bowling for Soup formed in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1994

What Year was the National Bowling Association Founded?