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It depends on what you consider official. Soccer was played at universities in Europe as far back as 1815. Eton College established a specific set of rules. Soccer was played at a lot of colleges in the US in 1820, but there were no intercollegiate games, and the rules changed quite often. Soccer was first considered an official sport of the Olympics starting in 1904.

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Q: What year was soccer officially made a sport?
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Soccer can be an all year round sport if you do it at a very elite level but soccer is mostly played in the spring and fall.

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The sport soccer came to Canada during the year 1876. It has been the most popular game when it comes to participation rate.

What year did soccer become an official sport?

i think it became official in 1908

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A form of soccer was played during the Civil War years. The first soccer rules were written in 1848, long before the Civil War was fought.

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Yes it is because you can play it outside in the summer and inside (a dome) in winter.

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